Refined Addictions

Refined Addictions

How We Contribute to Our Own Physical Problems - Part 6

For the past five Health Tips (#648 through #652) we have been talking about “How We Contribute to our own Physical Problems." In Health Tip #648 we talked about the FAT contained in animal sourced foods that clog the arteries, and contribute to high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. In Health Tip #649 and #650 we discussed how the ACID in animal sourced foods cause a myriad of problems, including acid stomach, heartburn, osteoporosis, and more, and how if the blood becomes even slightly acidic, we die. In Health Tip #651 we talked about PROTEIN and how the excessive amounts of protein found in animal source foods harm the body, and contribute to numerous physical problems. In Health Tip #652 we talked about SUGAR the second greatest cause of both the physical as well as the mental problems being experienced today. In this Health Tip we are going to continue talking about sugar, the second greatest cause of the physical problems being experienced today, and a substance that has a devastating effect on the mental state of those who consume it. THE DANGERS OF REFINED SUGAR CONTINUED After animal sourced foods (both flesh and dairy), which I previously have said are the most dangerous and destructive foods we can place into our physical bodies, the next most dangerous food is refined sugar.Last week in Health Tip #652 we showed how refined sugar turns off the immune system; the very system God gave us to protect us from germs, viruses, and bacteria. In this Health Tip we continue the discussion: LIFETIME INTAKE OF REFINED SUGAR IS 12,000 POUNDS PER PERSON Though refined sugar is not a food substance, but rather a dangerous, poisonous, addictive drug,the average person consumes approximately 50 teaspoons of it nearly every day of their lives. That’s approximately 170 pounds per person per year. If we do a little math, we find that if a person lives to 70 years of age, they will consume some 12,000 pounds of refined sugar during their lifetime, or about 1,277,500 teaspoons. It takes three feet of sugar cane to produce one teaspoon of refined sugar. Thus, in order to receive that amount of sugar in its natural sugar cane form over a lifetime, a person would have to chew, digest, and assimilate some 3,832,500 feet of sugar cane. Refined sugar is something God never intended our physical bodies to ever have to contend with.The only sugar God designed our physical bodies to ever have to process are the natural sugars found in the LIVING plants, in the raw fruits and vegetables that God the creator of mankind created and placed in the Garden for the nourishment of His human creation. (See Genesis 1:29.) 1. REFINED SUGAR IS DEVOID OF LIFE The physical body we each possess is a LIVING organism, comprised of LIVING cells, designed by God to be nourished with LIVING (raw) food. Sugar cane, as it grows in the garden, is a LIVING food! However, turning sugar cane into refined sugar destroys the LIFE force, and sadly does so much more. For a few moments, let’s look at the process being used to convert the LIVING sugar (cane or beet) as found in the plant, into a refined, DEAD, product. The following was taken from a newsletter written by Charlotte Gerson of the Gerson Institute:
“Sugar is a basic element in starchy food; however, processed sugar is a completely different matter. The sugar we purchase in the supermarket for personal consumption is processed sugar. This kind of sugar is heated up in chalk-milk, so that calcium and protein are extracted. After the process, it becomes alkaloid, destroying all vitamin content. In the second phase the sugar is mixed with acid chalk, carbonic gas, sulfur dioxide and finally with natrium bicarbonate. The mixture is cooked and cooled off several times and thereafter crystallized and centrifuged. “The dead mass is then treated with strontium hydroxide. Subsequently it arrives at the refinery where it is passed over chalk carbon acid to clean it. Dark coloring is removed by adding sulfuric acid and then it is filtered with bone charcoal. Finally, it is colored with Indathrenblue or the highly toxic Ultramarine. This product’s chemical composition is C12H22011, which you can buy in shops as ‘pure cane’ sugar.”
Refined sugar was not included in God’s Genesis 1:29 diet, and can only be found when we go outside the garden to obtain our food. And when we go outside the Garden to obtain our food, we always place our body in jeopardy. 2. REFINED SUGAR IS FRAGMENTED When sugar cane, or beet sugar, is processed into refinedsugar through heating and mechanical and chemical processing as we learned above, all vitamins, proteins, fats, enzymes – indeed – every single nutrient is removed until nothing but pure white sugar, pure naked calories, pure refined carbohydrate, remains. Sixty-four food elements are destroyed in the processing. Fragmented foods set up nutritional imbalances that create a myriad of health problems. 3. REFINED SUGAR CONTAINS ZERO FIBER Between our mouths, where we receive our food, and where the digested foods exit the body, there are 30 feet of tubing the food must pass through. The only means the body has of moving food through those 30 feet of tubing is by means of fiber. In previous Health Tips we learned that foods of animal origin contain absolutely no fiber, and the same is true of refined sugar. The body has great difficulty dealing with foods that do not contain fiber. However, all raw fruits and vegetables, along with seeds and nuts, the foods God told us we should consume for nourishment in Genesis 1:29, contain fiber. This is just one more reason all of our foods should consist of high fiber foods found exclusively within the Garden. 4. REFINED SUGAR IS VERY ACIDIC If you are at all knowledgeable regarding the proper pH (acid/alkaline) balance of the body, you know the body was designed by God to be slightly alkaline. In fact, an alkaline body offers great resistance to disease, and almost all raw fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts leave an alkaline ash after digestion. On the other hand, like animal source foods, refined sugar is ‘acid forming.’ This requires the body to take vital alkaline minerals, calcium being the most plentiful, from the bone structure of the body to neutralize the acidity and to metabolize refined sugar. Refined sugar, along with the consumption of animal products, causes the body to take so much calcium from our bones and teeth that the bones become osteoporotic and teeth decay. 5. REFINED SUGAR COMPROMISES THE IMMUNE SYSTEM Our IMMUNE SYSTEM is what God built into each of our physical bodies to protect us from the germs, viruses, and bacteria of this world.Our IMMUNE SYSTEM is our first line of defense! Refined sugar is an immune system suppressant. In other words, refined sugar cripples and can even knock out this first line of defense. Does that not give us a clue as to why so many people experience infections, colds, the flu, and so much more? As I mentioned in last week’s Health Tip, this editor has not experienced a cold or the flu since eliminating refined sugar, and adopting a basically living, plant sourced diet, 34 years ago. 6. REFINED SUGAR LEADS TO WEIGHT GAIN Refined sugar is highly caloric all by itself,but then it is often combined with something containing high fat, like shortening, along with some salt, producing a tempting goodie like cake, cookies, cinnamon buns, etc. Then there is candy, and high sugar drinks like soda pop. All of this sugar contributes to weight gain.Something that should alert those who are concerned about keeping their weight down, is the fact that consuming just one 12-ounce can of soda pop a day, which contains approximately 11 teaspoons of refined sugar, will add 15 pounds to their weight in just one year. Sugar substitutes such as aspartame are even more dangerous than refined sugar. 7. REFINED SUGAR LEADS TO ADDICTION Because of the way sugar plays havoc with the emotions, refined sugar is highly addicting. It works exactly like an addictive drug - which technically it is!This means that once a sugar-holic sufferer has given in to this crystallinesweetness, they can’t stop the addiction. And if they dare face withdrawal, the ‘sugar blues’ give them no peace until they return to the addictive sugar, and resign themselves to remaining fat. Refined sugar is every bit as addictive as nicotine and alcohol. I have read that it is as addictive as cocaine!We have found that when a person decides to adopt The Hallelujah Diet, they usually do not have a great deal of difficulty eliminating the animal products, but many find that the most difficult item to eliminate from their diet is refined sugar. Sugar has a powerful addictive influence upon many people. Have you ever noticed that children, who are allowed to have candy, are always asking for more, while never being satisfied no matter how much you give them?Why is this? It is because their little bodies have literally become addicted to sugar and their bodies are screaming for a fix! Children should NEVER be allowed to have candy, because it is comprised of almost pure refined sugar. 8. REFINED SUGAR PROMOTES EMOTIONAL INSTABILITY After a sugar-holic has consumed a candy bar, or bag of cookies, or any large amount of refined sugar, they often feel depressed.Sadly, studies reveal a strong link between juvenile and adult criminal offenses and sugar addiction. Similar research reveals a link between mental illness and sugar abuse. Also, hypoglycemic reactions, for the very sensitive consumer, promote extreme irrationality, emotional instability, and oftentimes aggressiveness. Recent studies reveal that sugar may be as involved in mental illness, divorce, and crime as alcohol has been found to be. Depression is also one of the most rapidly growing problems in our society today, and refined sugar is one of the major contributing factors. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) as well as ADHD are running rampant among our children and even some adults. It is a problem doctors are trying to treat with Ritalin type drugs. Isn’t it a sad commentary, that these problems, which are caused by the very toxic and addictive drug (poison) called sugar, are then treated with another poison, a prescribed drug. How sad! Mothers who are having trouble with their child’s behavior should seriously consider removing all sugar from their diet. 9. REFINED SUGAR CONTRIBUTES TO NUMEROUS PHYSICAL PROBLEMS Refined sugar is associated with malnutrition and decreased resistance to disease,and is responsible for a myriad of other physical problems as shared at the conclusion of last week’s Health Tip #652. TO SUMMARIZE Refined Sugar, and all products containing refined sugar, are the second most-often cause or contributing cause of the physical problems being experienced today. Refined sugar is also a major cause of the emotional, psychological, and depression problems people are experiencing. How do we explain this? God said: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” in Hosea 4:6.Isn’t it a sad commentary, that instead of dealing with our physical and psychological problems by seeking out and eliminating their causes, we merely try to eliminate the symptoms? And how do most people deal with these symptoms? They place into their body another poisonous drug (prescribed or over the counter)! Sadly, it was our failure to nourish our physical bodies the way God told us we should nourish them in Genesis 1:29 that caused the problems in the first place. Please, for the sake of your own physical and mental health, and that of your loved ones, let’s return to the Garden foods God told us we should consume in Genesis 1:29 and thus stop contributing to the physical and emotional problems we experience. God’s Way is the Only Way to a healthy mind and physical body!

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