Jump start your Christmas season with our winter detox.

Reasons to Try Our Winter Detox

Get a jump start on the holiday season with our winter detox program.

For many people, there's no question that the dawn of the holiday season also means the accrual of several unwanted pounds each year. Between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve, the abundance of holiday cookies and treats, drinks and feasts can seem overwhelming.

While you may think that one indulgent peppermint hot chocolate during your Christmas shopping isn't so bad, a report published last fall by the New England Journal of Medicine confirmed that people in Germany, Japan and the U.S. gain weight during the holiday season. On average, Americans were found to gain 1.3 pounds throughout this festive time of year. In the United States, the biggest and most common window for weight gain was in the 10 days after Christmas. In Japan it was Golden Week and in Germany it was Easter. Regardless of the holiday, celebrations and festivities are undoubtedly linked to unhealthy habits and weight gain.

Sugar cookies and treats can be tempting during the holiday season.Sugar cookies and treats can be tempting during the holiday season.

In a follow-up article discussing the report, the LA Times noted that while about 50 percent of the gained weight among participants was lost shortly after, the other half of added pounds remained through the second half of the year.

Though the weight gain was the focus of this particular study, Hallelujah Diet followers know that it's not just the pounds that matter. Trying to shake the bad habits picked up during the bliss of the Christmas season can be tough to do. One study author, Brian Wansink of the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, said, "Make an October resolution instead of a New Year's resolution."

However, we here at Hallelujah Acres practice lifelong resolutions for good health. Thus, instead of finding yourself engaging in unhealthy practices well after the holiday season is over, kick start your health today by incorporating the Hallelujah Diet Winter Detox Kit into your plant-based diet.

The Winter Detox
Whether you're stressed and exhausted and looking for a way to revitalize and boost your energy or, you are active and energized and hoping for a way to keep that going, our 7-Day Winter Detox is for you. There are numerous benefits to detoxing seasonally, especially during this busy time of year. In addition to helping you manage your weight, a detox has the ability to help rid the body of sickness-causing toxins and cleanse the organs and blood. In addition, it can aid in eliminating heavy metals.

"Practice lifelong resolutions for good health."

Our full program gives you all of the tools you'll need to detox, fuel your body and keep up your energy. It starts with the daily detox schedule to keep you on your toes. You'll have free recipes for broths, soups, juices and pureed soups, all of which have the utmost nutrients for top health.

The program includes a convenient shopping list as well as a journal so that you can record your progress. Finally, you'll receive motivational emails each and every day to keep you going through the end.

Reasons to Try Our Winter Detox
If you're looking for the one-stop solution to boost your health and detoxify your body while maintaining the ideal nutrition, here are a few other reasons to try our Hallelujah Diet 7-Day Winter Detox Program.

1. Beat the Holiday Pounds
As the NEJM report demonstrated, it's easy for those unwanted pounds and bad habits to creep up during the holiday season. By kicking off the holiday season with a detoxifing program, you'll feel strong, healthy and energized. That way, you'll have the strength and determination to stick to your goals, avoid the temptations and push through the new year feeling your best.

2. Boost Your Health
Unique and effective, this program superchargers the body with ideal nutrition so that you'll feel vibrant and energized even during the detoxifying process. You'll naturally boost your immunity toward sickness, get rid of bloating and indigestion, eliminate headaches and loose weight. This detox will help you stick to your weight-loss plan and maintain your raw, plant-based lifestyle.

Feel revitalized and rejuvenated this holiday season.Feel revitalized and rejuvenated this holiday season.

3. Help With a Transition to a Plant-Based Lifestyle
If you or a loved one have been contemplating the move to a fully raw, plant-based diet, a detox program like ours is a great option to get you started. It's the only way to dive in headfirst and completely cleanse the body of unwanted toxins and unhealthy cells. Don't wait: Restart your health today by signing up for our winter detox.

4. Feel Rejuvenated
While it may be difficult at first and you'll likely face obstacles and hurdles along the way, the Halellujah Diet 7-Day Detox Program will leave you feeling light, cleansed and energized. As the body gets rid of weaker cells during this detox, healthy cells will replace them. Compared to traditional cleanses and detox plans where you feel drained afterward, this program ensures your body is boosted by electrolytes, vitamins and minerals.

This program guides your brain into releasing those feel-good chemicals and once you're done, you'll feel stronger and leaner. You'll notice bright and radiant skin and you'll see a spike in your energy levels.

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