Presidential Vegan Story Gets Big Response

Presidential Vegan Story Gets Big Response

When a well-known former US President adopted a vegan diet, people listened — and responded! Here's what others are saying about his diet change.
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I received quite a bit of mail from people responding to my article titled Former US President on Plant-Based Diet. Here are some of those responses:
“Former president Bill Clinton, since eliminating all meat and dairy from his diet and adopting a vegan diet, has lost 20 pounds, his blood work looks good, and he has lots of energy. He says that the reason he changed his diet was so that he could live longer and enjoy his grandchildren. Without making the diet change he was looking at living only a short time. For a similar reason I changed my diet seven years ago from a meat and dairy based diet to the Hallelujah Acres vegan diet and my heart disease and asthma problems I had suffered with for 50 years went away." Jack L.
“I also saw former president Bill Clinton on the CNN television show titled ‘The Last Heart Attack.’ I think it is awesome seeing more famous people making the switch to what Hallelujah Acres has been trying to get people to switch to for 20 years. May their numbers increase!” Marilyn F.
“Yes, Rev. George, I saw the video of Bill Clinton about two days ago and all I’ve got to say is: ‘Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, HIS truth is marching on.’” George P.
“Hi Dr. Malkmus, I am a supporter of The Hallelujah Diet, and thus far have removed meat from my diet. However, I am doubtful ... because I thought I read some years ago that you had suffered a stroke during one of your public speaking engagements. If you did suffer a stroke, then others may be doubtful ... Please reply. Thank you!” Jewell B.
Rev. Malkmus Responds Yes Jewell, I did experience a hemorrhagic stroke on July 12, 2001 due to stress after an exhausting speaking tour in South Africa. I delivered seven seminars in six different cities to an average crowd of 600 people during one week. I was also on a plane for total of 53 hours in just 10 days. Some people do not understand that there are two types of stroke: The first type of stroke is caused by ischemia (lack of oxygen to the brain), while the second type is caused by hemorrhage. Both types of strokes can cause similar symptoms. According to the American Stroke Association, 85 percent of strokes are ischemic, resulting from blockage of one of the arteries in the brain because of fatty deposits (atherosclerosis), a clot forming in an artery or an embolism (a moving clot) from another part of the body. The other 15 percent of strokes, according to the American Stroke Association, are hemorrhagic. Hemorrhagic strokes are caused by ruptured intracranial aneurysms (bulging arteries that bleed) between the skull and the brain, putting pressure on the brain. The type of stroke referred to in my article about Bill Clinton was the ischemia type stroke, which comprises 85% of all strokes. This type of stroke, caused by the fat build up in the arteries from animal source foods is the type of stroke that by eliminating animal source foods from the diet, would eliminate almost all fear of ever experiencing this type of stroke by nearly 100%. Trust this helps you to better understand my statement regarding Bill Clinton and strokes.”

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