Praying For Wisdom, Not Healing

Praying For Wisdom, Not Healing

When Roger was diagnosed with cancer, he didn't pray for healing — he asked God to show him how to heal himself! Read his inspiring story!
For nearly 20 years I have dedicated my life to trying to improve the health of God’s people around the world, not for financial gain, but that God’s people might have physical bodies fit for the Master’s use! My reward is the flood of testimonies I receive each day — and share with you in these weekly Health Tips.
Rev. Malkmus, people don’t understand the natural laws God has established. Prayer and healing are a complex matter, but God is going to do what He is going to do in the final analysis. I approach a prayer for healing without expecting God to heal me. Rather I pray for wisdom in how to deal with the problem by asking God to show me through people, books, and other means how I can take control of my own health and cooperate in my own healing. Many people were praying for healing from my cancer but I personally took out two insurance policies which were: ‘Trust in God and trust God to reveal the method.’ I took each step in my recovery prayerfully, and then changed my ways by surrendering to the information God was providing me in how to become an active participant in my healing. During this journey God led me to Hallelujah Acres and The Hallelujah Diet. I took to heart the information coming from Hallelujah Acres, adopted the Hallelujah Recovery Diet, and now I am doing great. God is the ultimate healer, but we must abide by His laws, including His dietary laws if we want positive results. On the Hallelujah Diet I continue to recover and my cancer markers are now well within the normal range. Praise and thanksgiving to Him! I am also thankful for all you Rev. Malkmus, and all that the Hallelujah Acres team has done to point people and especially me, to His Word and to a diet and lifestyle that works! Roger W.
Rev. Malkmus, thank you for your devoted inspiration, your divine insight and your dedicated mission to educating people in the area of health. Your wisdom on the subject is truly appreciated for its simplicity and value. Lin S.
In December of 2008 I was diagnosed with primary peritoneal cancer . At the time of diagnosis I was in stage-4. I was very sick and went through chemotherapy and major abdominal surgery (incision so large it required 67 staples to close me up). During my treatments I researched everything I could get my hands on about alternative healing and so much of it pointed to nutrition. I had heard about Hallelujah Acres before my cancer diagnosis and read your book with pen and highlighter in hand. In fact, I told my oncologist I was going to start the Hallelujah Acres vegan diet to help in my recovery, but he told me absolutely not – that I needed to eat as much protein (meat and dairy) as possible. I did what he said but the week after receiving chemo went to the Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center in Lake Lure, North Carolina and immersed myself in The Hallelujah Diet. I was fortunate that the chemo and surgery along with much prayer did eliminate the cancer and I believed that The Hallelujah Diet would help me keep it away. For one year I followed The Hallelujah Diet almost 100%. Then in July 2010 I told my oncologist that I wanted to experiment and add dairy and eggs back into my diet. I asked him if he would monitor my cancer markers so that I could see if my cancer markers went back up after adding these animal products. He agreed. So I started consuming dairy and eggs and occasionally meat. When I went for my check-up three months later, you guessed it, the cancer was back and it was extremely aggressive. I agreed to surgery once again because it was so aggressive. Between the time they did the CT scan and the time they did the surgery 20 days later, I had developed five additional nodules. I realize Dr. Malkmus that you don’t believe in having chemo but I made the very difficult decision to have it since this new cancer was so aggressive. BUT I told my oncologist I was going to eat vegan during and after the treatment and I did. He said ‘He would be very interested to see what happened to me.’ I believe he has been very impressed with the results of my return to a vegan diet. The cancer is now GONE, according to both blood work and CT scan. My CA level is lower than it was last time when I was in remission. My energy level has been higher. Was it coincidence that my cancer returned when I went off the diet and added animal products? I don’t think so! Needless to say I am back on The Hallelujah Diet and nothing, nor any doctor, is every going to entice me to go off it again. I am telling everyone about The Hallelujah Diet and hope to attend Health Minister training at Hallelujah Acres in Shelby in November. And by-the-way, in addition to being cancer free, I am also 90 pounds lighter and my blood pressure has improved so much that the doctor has cut my medication in half. I also no longer need to take insulin for my diabetes. Thank you for the many educational opportunities and products Hallelujah Acres provides for those who want to improve their health. The information and videos you have on your website were very helpful in re-programming and motivating me as to what I needed to do and need to keep on doing if I wanted to remain in good health. Sharon G., Charlotte, North Carolina

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