Plenty Of Action at The Villages of Hallelujah Acres!

Plenty Of Action at The Villages of Hallelujah Acres!

There's a whole lot going on at The Villages of Hallelujah Acres! New homes are under construction, the walking trails and organic orchards are being developed, and new buyers get $10,000 in free upgrades!
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Spring is in full bloom here at The Villages of Hallelujah Acres! The incredible beauty of this time of year is just another reminder of why Rhonda and I love living here. I was thrilled to see that dozens of fruit trees have been planted in The Villages' brand new organic orchard — and some of them are already bearing fruit! I'll soon be picking my fill and when you join us here, you can, too! Plans for the organic community gardens have recently been finalized as well. Both the orchard and the organic gardens will be cared for by our new Master Gardener, Willy Murray. As a long-time gardener myself I wanted to ensure that we had the very best person on the job — I can attest that Willy's work is already producing good fruit (no pun intended)! Surveyors were busy this past week marking out the walking trails that will border The Villages' two lakes. Construction of these walking trails is scheduled to begin within the next few weeks. And each lake is now stocked with 500 bass, plus brim and other feeder fish, along with carp and catfish. Most significant of all, construction began this past week on a new home! The home, a 1,472 square-foot Whistlebrook model, is located on Hallelujah Boulevard, overlooking the lake — and it could be yours! This home is being built on one of the best lots available and the price is incredibly attractive. See the floor plan here! The Villages' limited time incentive is also getting a lot of attention! The next 4 homes will each receive $10,000 in FREE upgrades:
  • Tankless water heater for endless, on-demand hot water
  • Whole-home water and air purification systems
  • Hardwood floors in all common living spaces
  • Customized kitchen to make yours a "Hallelujah Kitchen"
  • Ready-to-plant 4x8 raised bed garden
We'd love to have you as our neighbor! Contact our team to see how we can help you move to The Villages of Hallelujah Acres: call 866.295.0230 or visit us online.

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