Pill-free, Pain-free, and Disease-free

Cheri didn't want to give up her "beer, pizza, cinnamon rolls, cookies, and steak." But when cancer came knocking, she had to make a decision — find out what she did!
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Week after week, from across America and around the world we receive testimonies from those who have adopted The Hallelujah Diet and have seen numerous improvements in their physical and mental health. These testimonies are not only a tremendous encouragement to this editor to keep sharing this diet and lifestyle, but also to those who read this Health Tip. Share your testimony today!
“I had a friend whose husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer and given but six months to live. Grasping for a chance to live, he drastically changed his ‘lifestyle’ , and I watched him recover. I thought if anything bad ever happened to me I would do what he did. But my beer, pizza, cinnamon rolls, cookies, and steak were too important to me and after all I didn’t ‘need’ to change because I didn’t have cancer. Only two years later my scare with cancer confronted me and I was at a crossroad. I had to decide if my taste buds were in charge or if I was in charge? It took a month to learn what food truly was and what it was not and to ‘renew’ my mind. I decided to make food my medicine and medicine my food. If it brought life and health to my body it was nourishing food. My new mantra was ‘Goo, glue, mucus, and disease, I don’t want any of these.’ After three months on The Hallelujah Diet my 19-year old daughter decided to join me because I already looked better and felt better than she had ever seen me. Now, not only is my cancer gone but 32 years of menstrual cramps are gone; 23 years of adult acne is gone; 13 years of suffering with bronchitis six to eight times a year is gone. Also, 30 pounds are gone along with constipation I had suffered with since kindergarten. I know there are other health issues that are gone, but because I don’t have to deal with them anymore I don’t remember what they were. All these improvements are the result of allowing ‘food to be my medicine and medicine my food’. It’s funny how many friends and family members were concerned about me cutting out all meat and dairy from my diet. They watched me closely and the people who were the most concerned are now on the diet as well, enjoying the benefits of eating a 100% plant-based diet of mostly raw plant foods, and enjoying the benefits. They saw my improved health and wanted to experience those improvements themselves. I feel bad for all the naysayers who criticize this diet and lifestyle, but as for me, I am going to stick with George Malkmus and eat the ‘garden’ foods God started mankind out consuming in a garden in Genesis 1:29. I am now nearly three years on the diet and counting – still pill free, pain free, and disease free. HALLELUJAH!” Cheri M., Kissimmee, Florida
“Dear Hallelujah Acres, I’m so thankful to be able to report that after several weeks of juicing my mother feels much better and her vision has improved about 40%. She is still a work in progress with regard to the diet, but at least she is juicing carrots, beets, and taking BarleyMax, along with some other supplements. It has made a world of difference. Thank you! I should add that doctors thought she had Parkinson’s, but praise the Lord, yesterday she met with a neurologist that believes her diet can heal her. I have been trying to tell her for years the diet could heal her and now she is finally giving the diet a try.” Rosalee M.
“I suffered for two years with gallbladder pain. Then one day in the mail I received a copy of the Hallelujah Acres paper publication ‘Health News’. I went to your website where I learned so much and immediately adopted The Hallelujah Diet. Well, I am thrilled to report that within weeks all my gallbladder pain had stopped and as long as I stick to the diet I continue to do fine.” Peggy K.
“Twenty-nine years ago Evangelist Lester Roloff passed away. I am still influenced today by his life in many ways; especially his doctrine on the Bible and his health habits. As a result of his teachings, 29 years after his death, I am still both spiritually and physically rejoicing. He’s my hero.” Jim B.

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