Pastors, Nurses, and Everyone In Between

Pastors, Nurses, and Everyone In Between

Pastors and nurses are changing their diet and having a positive influence on those around them — you can, too!
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For the past few weeks we have been sharing a lot of the responses to some of our recent Health Tips. Today, we're catching up on some of the wonderful health testimonies we have received from people who have seen improvement after adopting The Hallelujah Diet!
“Dr. Malkmus, I have truly enjoyed being a part of your Hallelujah Acres mission. I was introduced to The Hallelujah Diet by a nurse friend of mine who thought I might be interested in it. She was a health nut, and I have now become one too. She loaned me a copy of your seminar ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health’ video and after watching it ordered two more so that I could share your Health Message with friends, family, and church members. I have been on The Hallelujah Diet for just over six months and am currently doing the ’60 Day Juice Up’ with Paul and Ann along with a number of other people in my church. I can’t believe what an impact that program is having on people in my church that I would never have dreamed would be interested in a diet change. The surprising thing is that the people I thought would be the most interested are the slower ones to respond. My next goal is to attend Health Minister training there in Shelby, North Carolina. I am so passionate about your health message that I watch your seminar video once a week so that I can keep focused on why I am doing what I am doing. I love that video and want so much to help you spread God’s health message. Since making the diet change I have experienced improved eyesight, healthier skin, clarity of mind, and the shedding of some unwanted pounds.” Gloria A., Odessa, Texas
“Dear Rev. George Malkmus, I recently read your book ‘Why Christians Get Sick.’ As a result of reading your book I have made some changes in my diet and plan to make more changes soon. I have never smoked, drank, and have never missed a Sunday or Wednesday preaching service in 26 years. I praise God for my health and want to cooperate with God in maintaining it for His honor and glory. You and Hallelujah Acres are in my prayers.” Pastor Dan B., North Manchester, Indiana
“In 2007 I developed breast cancer. It was a wakeup call. Years ago I was on The Hallelujah Diet but that good diet fell by the wayside while fostering four children ages 9, 6, 4, and 2. After receiving word that I had breast cancer I immediately returned to and adopted The Hallelujah Recovery Diet and here I am four years later completely free of cancer – and that’s not just me saying it, but verified by medical tests. Interestingly, for the past four years they have not one time asked me to have a mammogram despite my being 64 years old. After each test showing that I am still free of cancer, all they say is ‘just keep on doing what you are doing because it is working’. Sadly they still don’t believe it is the diet that caused my cancer to go away. But I know better! I have since given up foster care work and so have a lot less stress in my life, because I believe that stress plays a big part in causing illnesses. I have shared The Hallelujah Diet with many people, and those who have adopted it have seen miraculous healings from cancers as well as other physical problems. I have also stopped donating money to cancer research because I have learned that they are only fronts protecting the cancer industry. I now tell those asking for donations for cancer research that a cure for cancer has already been found in The Hallelujah Diet, but sadly finding a cure is not on their agenda. I am still after four years, still on The Hallelujah Diet all day and every day. I also love reading your Health Tips, especially the feature articles.” Trish K., Cooran, Queensland, Australia
“Rev. Malkmus, after 40-plus years of preparing food traditionally, The Hallelujah Diet has brought about a newness and excitement into my food prep. I now look forward to finding meals and snacks to prepare that are healthy, that I never would have known about before. I grew up as a child listening to Evangelist Lester Roloff on the radio. Listening to Brother Roloff helped confirm that what you and Hallelujah Acres are teaching is correct. I first learned of Hallelujah Acres when you appeared on WGGS television in Greenville, South Carolina. As a result of listening and watching you, I adopted The Hallelujah Diet, and have experienced a renewal of my health – increased energy, better mood, clearer skin, better blood pressure numbers, and an overall sense of being healthier. I attended the Women’s Retreat at Hallelujah Acres last year and loved how Rhonda made the ladies feel so special. She is a dear woman and I’m coming back to another Women’s Retreat.” Linda K., Easley, South Carolina

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