Online Meetup with Rev. Malkmus?

Online Meetup with Rev. Malkmus?

On Father’s day, my son Paul (President of Hallelujah Acres) called to wish me a “Happy Father's Day”. The next week he posted on his blog a little about that call and titled it “Meet With Rev. Malkmus”. He ended his blog with these words:
“As I was writing this I realized that there are probably many of you who would like to talk to and hear his voice again. Respond to this post if you would like to have a special on-line presentation with Rev. Malkmus. I haven’t asked him yet if he would participate but I’m sure if we all ask him he can’t help but say “yes.” Simply send us an email to with “Rev. Malkmus” in the “Subject” field and we’ll be sure he gets it. I know he would be inspired to hear from you.”
There were many that responded and I share a few of those responses below:
“Dear Rev Malkmus: I use many Hallelujah Diet products! Thank you so much for getting the message of how to live healthy and with vitality and for Hallelujah Diet products! They are the best! I have shared your story with many people and info/products on the Diet as well. I live in Canada and was so blessed to go to an event at the HAcres in Toronto when Paul and Ann where teaching there! Was terrific! Hope to visit a Lifestyle Center in the U.S. sometime. I thank the LORD for you and yours!! Blessings to all.” ~ Heather, Canada
“I went to Health Minister Training several years ago and I too love sharing the message of healthy eating! I had the privilege of meeting George and Rhonda then and at a couple women’s retreats. What an inspiration you two are! Thank you so very much for all the work and love you have put into this ministry over the years and still to this day. The Lord truly is using you to change lives! God bless!!” ~ Paul D.
“You are the best, Rev Malkmus. You changed my life years ago when I asked God to lead me to someone somewhere who could help me get well. I “accidentally” heard you on TV one morning when I was doing laundry and knew in my heart what I was hearing was the truth. I flew out and took your Health Minister Training. Thank you for being faithful to God’s call on your life. It must have been hard at times but you persevered and blessed so many, many, people. Thank you! Of course I want to be a part of an on-line presentation by you! What an opportunity! ~ Health Minister Chris H.
“What a great idea, Paul!! We miss seeing your dad, and an online connection would be a huge blessing!! God answered my prayers when I was in search of an alternative solution to my health problems and the Hallelujah Diet was presented to me many years ago. I doubt that I would still be here otherwise. Thank you, George, for sticking with it… in spite of the negatives that came your way!! ~ Diane & Paul, Ontario, Canada
“Thank you Reverend Malkmus for sharing your incredible knowledge and encouragement to others. I am just one that has benefited from eating the Hallelujah Diet. I have overcome several health challenges and always feel my optimum when I eat solely the Hallelujah Diet style. My joints don’t hurt, my digestive tract is healthy, I don’t have the headaches and I have energy and clarity eating this way. I am able to exercise and participate in jazzercise. My blood work is in the normal ranges. I praise and thank our good Lord above for you, and your good works. Please keep it up. God bless you and your wife Rhonda. I have attended several in your past seminars including NC and Florida. At the least, I will appreciate hearing from you on a webcast and hope I will be available to participate. May God continue to bless you.” ~ Barbara C.
“Rev Malkmus, I am so ever grateful for YOU and the incredible team in the Hallelujah Diet organization. There is one word that I often use to describe you and the Hallelujah Diet–it is INTEGRITY! Thank you for your zealous and fearless heart in speaking God’s truth regarding health and how we can learn to care for our God-given temples. Thank you for your organization’s perseverance in studying, researching, and producing the most helpful/excellent information and quality products. Thank you for the generosity of the Hallelujah Diet in allowing everyone to have full access to hundreds of important articles and excellent recipes without cost. As a Health Minister, I am most grateful to receive such quality loving support from your personnel of all levels–from the Vice President of Health to everyone who helps me with the orders. I was born with very low immunity due to mom’s PTS after WWII in Vietnam (mom was very sick during pregnancy; after I was born, she didn’t have mother’s milk for me, and died when I was three). During the first 51 years of my life, I was just fighting for life with countless trips to the ER (I had severe asthma, chronic bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis all over my body, severe allergies to lots of things, etc.). My most incredible earthly father thought I would never make it through even teenage years, so he was there for me and tutored me through high school, as well as helped me to study so that I could pass a test for medical school (since doctors couldn’t help me, I thought I could treat myself if I would become a doctor!). Well…I followed everything I learned in medical school such as consuming more meats, dairy products, etc. but I got sicker! Long story short, I didn’t have much quality of life during these 51 years even though I was very conscious about eating healthily…but I was on the SAD diet! I thought it’s just the way I was made (not very strong like my siblings!) so I went on with life including serving God overseas for 30+ years as a missionary. Then God my Heavenly Father, in His mercy miraculously connected me to the Hallelujah Diet 15 years ago (when I was home in the US for a few months of furlough). I attended a 5-day intensive hands-on training course led by Health Ministers Bev and Chet Cook –I haven’t been sick SINCE!!! ALL my health symptoms above were gone!!! I then got further training and became a Health Minister. I am so ever grateful to God for being my Healer, for helping me learn how to take care of my temple and the trillions cells of my body through Hallelujah Diet training, for all these 15 years of enjoying most excellent health, as well as for giving me opportunities to help so many people (here and overseas) to recover from all kinds of health issues when doctors gave up on them. To God be the glory! And my forever gratefulness to Ref. Malkmus and the Hallelujah Diet organization. May the Almighty Sovereign and Loving God help each of you persevere daily, maintain your standards with integrity, and continue being Light and Blessings to the world for His Glory and His Kingdom. Blessings, protection, health, provision, peace and joy from our Heavenly Father! Much love and gratitude from me!” ~ Health Minister Kim Le
“Thank you, Rev. Malkmus for all you have done for so many. I have used the information from your website since 2001. A psychologist colleague told me about his brother who healed himself of a fatal cancer diagnosis within months by following your strictest diet for one year. I was hopeful that my husband who would eventually die of leukemia would do the same, but he was not willing to change his eating patterns. I’ve told many to use your website to gain information and products to help them with serious health issues. You’re one of the most inspirational healers I’ve had the good fortune to discover.” ~ Shirley C.
“Hi Paul, would love to hear from your Dad. We have been Health Ministers for 18 years. Jim originally heard George on the 700 club and started us on the road to health. We attended the first 9 or 10 health minister reunions and then moved from Ohio to New Hampshire. Still share the good news of good health!!” ~ Health Ministers Jim and Rebecca H, New Hampshire

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