Nostalgic Testimonies

Nostalgic Testimonies

This week, we take you back in time to some of the earliest testimonies Hallelujah Acres received in its early years — including one from a certain ND who is now Hallelujah Acres' resident answer-man!
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Testimonies have driven God’s health message across America and around the world. These testimonies of improved health as a result of a person making simple dietary changes continue to this very day. I thought our readers might find it interesting to read a few of those earliest testimonies, testimonies dating back to the early 1990s:
“Dear Brother George: Last month I was in a Church conference in California where I met a young man who introduced your book ‘Why Christians Get Sick’ to me. Well, I just threw it into my briefcase until I got home in Utah. After a few days being back home I took the book out and started reading it to my family. We all sat around the kitchen table and I didn’t stop reading until the book was finished. And I would like to tell you that it truly has changed all our lives. I have been in the ministry for the past 20 years, and have had many of the same questions that you address in your book. Thank you Brother for opening a new light on this subject! I am also an EMT and have had 2 years of nurses training. As I think back on my nutrition classes in college I wonder why they don’t teach the truth, unless it’s because they are in cahoots with the medical and drug industry. Anyway, thank God for my friend in California that gave me your book and again I say that it has turned my whole household around. We started feeling much better in just a few weeks after adopting The Hallelujah Diet. Thank God for His anointing upon you. through you many lives have been and are being changed. To God be the Glory! – A grateful brother in Christ!” Rev. Jon C., Utah (1993)
“Dear George, since I have a heavy burden for our country and its state of affairs, do you see me as a possible candidate for your Health Ministry program? As you know I have been on The Hallelujah Diet for several months now and walking four miles each day. Since making the diet change I have lost 40 pounds, reduced cholesterol readings from 240 to 181, and have lost all symptoms of gastritis, acid stomach, and concern for my health. This improved health helped me better communicate with the people of East Tennessee during my recent race for Congress.” Larry G., Candidate for Congress, Tennessee (1994)
“Pastor Malkmus, I very much appreciate your ministry. I am interested in helping spread the message of nutrition as well as the Gospel. I believe this may be a ministry where the Lord can use me. I would like to start a ministry of offering seminars, educational materials, juicers, and distillers to the public. I would appreciate any advice you could offer as well as any resources for learning you would recommend. Since adopting The Hallelujah Diet I can tell a tremendous difference in my overall health.” Olin Idol, North Carolina (1994)
NOTE – This was my initial contact with Olin. Olin then went on to attend our first Health Minister training in August 1994, then joined our team here at Hallelujah Acres as my personal assistant in 1995. Olin has since earned two degrees in nutrition and is currently Vice President of Health at Hallelujah Acres.
“Rev. Malkmus, may I say that we are being blessed in a manifold fashion as we move into our eight month on The Hallelujah Diet! After years on blood pressure medication, both my wife and I are experiencing very beautiful blood pressure readings without medication. Gone is the arthritis and so is the medication for that. As well, we no longer take allergy medications and almost all symptoms have disappeared. For years I had to go to a dermatologist for removal of pre-cancerous spots on my hands and ears. I will not need to go this year because I have no spots to be removed. I could go on and on as we realize new physical blessings almost every week. Thank you for sharing this good news of health and healing with us. It is indeed a privilege to now be yoked with you and Rhonda and the rest of the staff as Health Ministers. We look forward to many years of ministry as we anticipate many people getting serious about the proper care of their bodies – God’s Temple.” Pastor Brice C., Tennessee (1995)

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