Noni Juice - Miracle Or Snake Oil?

Noni Juice - Miracle Or Snake Oil?

First it was mangosteen, then acai berry, then goji berry, and now noni juice. Are they all they're cracked up to be? Rev. Malkmus reveals the truth.
“Dear Rev. Malkmus, My brother and sister-in-law swear by noni juice as a miracle cure-all. I haven’t found anything on the Hallelujah Acres website about it and have heard from others that there is nothing special about it. Because of all the claims my brother and sister-in-law are making concerning the miracle healing powers of noni juice, now my mother and husband want to try it for pain relief. Do you have any information on this product?” Tammy W.
Editor Responds: There are numerous fruit drinks on the market today making a host of claims. While some do indeed offer some antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefit, we have never found a need for them on The Hallelujah Diet. The Hallelujah Diet is every bit as anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants as noni juice. We don’t need to drink these highly processed, pasteurized, and extremely expensive fruit drinks in order to obtain improved health. In fact, the fruits themselves from which these processed juices are made are a much better option to receive the fruit’s benefits. Click here for more information I have found on noni juice.

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