New Lifestyle Center In West Virginia

New Lifestyle Center In West Virginia

There's a brand new Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center near Parkersburg, West Virginia — and it's everything you'd expect of a serene, mountain retreat. Read all about it!
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Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Centers, owned and operated by Hallelujah Acres trained Health Ministers, offer an in-home opportunity to experience The Hallelujah Diet! Guests take part in the preparation of the meals, learn how to juice, and learn how tasty God’s garden foods can taste. They also learn the importance of exercise and are exposed to information that will help them make the transition from the world’s diet to God’s original diet for mankind. Previously we had Lifestyle Centers in Lake Lure, North Carolina, Plant City, Florida, and Branson, Missouri. Now we are thrilled to report that a new Lifestyle Center has just opened near Parkersburg, West Virginia. Owners and proprietors of this new Lifestyle Center are Ben and Janis Medeiros. Their story begins in 2002 when Ben began having pain in every joint and reported cholesterol readings of more than 380. “When I had to start helping my husband out of bed at just 50 years old, I knew something had to change,” Janis said. Around that time they were given Rev. Malkmus’ most famous book, Why Christians Get Sick, with over a million copies in print. They took the information to heart, began making changes, and got back on track to good health. As they noticed their health improving, they considered making other changes in their life. They had been in the construction business a long time, and being in California meant being far from their daughter and son in law in West Virginia. They were also considering how they might help others experience renewed health as they had. As the possibility of moving to West Virginia brewed, Ben and Janis began looking for homes with the express purpose of someday opening a Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center. What they found was a resort-style home that was postcard perfect. Perched on a picturesque hill, the Medeiros’ new home offers a commanding view of its private, serene surroundings encompassing more than 240 acres. With a few tweaks, they turned it into an ideal Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center! Exquisite in its setting and its décor, this six-bedroom home boasts a large living room, dining room, and spacious Hallelujah-friendly kitchen on the main floor. A fully furnished basement includes a fitness room, large game/theater room, a second kitchen for juicing, and even an infrared sauna. In the rear of the home, a wonderful glassed-in room offers a fabulous view of rolling hillsides. A multi-tiered deck leads to a near-Olympic size saltwater pool with plenty of deck space to replenish your vitamin D in the sunshine. The expansive- resort-style yard also features a volleyball court, fishpond, and serves as the gateway to 240 additional acres including beautiful scenery and a peaceful atmosphere. The property also includes a fascinating private cemetery dating back to the early 1800s. As they were transforming their home into a Lifestyle Center, Ben and Janis continued to transform their health. By 2008, they were eating only plant-based foods. Ben’s cholesterol dropped from 380 to 162 and his blood tests continue to be the best of his life. Having completely rebuilt their health by 2010, new Health Ministers Ben and Janis decided their “building” work was done. They retired from their construction business to focus full-time on helping others regain their health just as they had. They officially opened their home as a Lifestyle Center in March of 2011 and already visitors are filling up the schedule. Whether you want to spice up your new Hallelujah Lifestyle with more action and adventure or just enjoy the serenity of the scenery, The Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center in Parkersburg, West Virginia has what you’re looking for. For more information on the Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center near Parkersburg, West Virginia, visit the website or call toll-free 855-556-9341.

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