Daycare Worker Never Been Sick... In 21 Years!

Daycare Worker Never Been Sick... In 21 Years!

This past week, Rhonda received a letter from a woman in Kansas who had been on the Hallelujah Diet for over 21 years and is reporting wonderful health results:
“Dear Rhonda, Just wanted to write and thank you again for a super cookbook (uncook book), you sent me in 1998. I have literally worn out the section on vegetable salads and the live foods delicacies. “I taped the page with the Hallelujah Acres cabbage salad with the delightful beet salad on the back because it fell out. The beet salad is one of my favorites. I started the Hallelujah Diet way back in 1994 when George came out with the first issue of the Back to the Garden magazine – 21 years ago - wow! “Since beginning the diet I have not been sick a single day! I feel best when I do almost all raw. I’m exposed to everything under the sun because I work at a daycare. It is no wonder the babies are always sick – you should see how they are being fed – SAD! “My friend Else and I had a dream of coming to Hallelujah Acres for years and last July we stopped in. I don’t remember the names of the two girls running the Hallelujah store, but it was a wonderful experience. “We enjoyed the smoothie and the juice we ordered that day." ~ Love Myra B., Kansas.
Editor's Note Rhonda has written five recipe books, the one referred to in the letter above is titled “Recipes for Life – from God’s Garden.”

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