Nearly Two Hundred Attend April Seminar

Nearly Two Hundred Attend April Seminar

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This past weekend we had our First Saturday-of-the-month seminar for April and we weren’t sure how many would be attending it being the Easter weekend. So we were pleasantly surprised when there were almost 200 in attendance! They came from twelve different states, as well as a gentleman from Nigeria, Africa and another from Turkey. We also had folks from Hawaii and such distant states as Colorado, Texas, and Florida in attendance. I wish you could have been here to hear the testimonies those attending gave at the start of the seminar. They told of cancers gone, blood sugar readings now normal and having no further need for insulin to control their blood sugar, arthritic condition gone, blood pressure and cholesterol readings now normal, and the numerous other improvements in their health they had experienced after adopting the Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle. Our next God’s Way to Ultimate Health seminar here at Hallelujah Acres in Shelby, North Carolina is scheduled for Saturday, May 1. In these seminars Rev. Malkmus shares how God designed us, and how when we eat certain foods they make us sick and when we eat other foods they make and keep us well. In these seminars we show how you can take control of your own health, and how you can through simple diet and lifestyle change, eliminate almost every physical and even emotional problem you have been experiencing. Why don’t you mark your calendar right now to attend our May 1st seminar here at Hallelujah Acres and then share this date with a friend or loved one and encourage them to come with you? These seminars are changing and even saving the lives of many.

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