"My MS Is Gone!"

"My MS Is Gone!"

When Karen Pine arrived at the Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center in Plant City, Florida, she had severe multiple sclerosis and was depressed about her condition. But a short time after her stay, her doctor said, “You don’t need me anymore.” In her own words, here is how Karen overcame MS! halc4In April 2012 I had been fighting doctors for years on various illnesses and symptoms of disease that I was experiencing. I could not swallow properly; I had ear troubles and could not hear which resulted in a surgery which did improve my hearing. I also had horrible skin rash breakouts and something called “sticky blood.” This condition would cause my blood to clot which could cause a heart attack or stroke at any time which meant I lived in fear of that possibility. My vision was severely compromised because the sticky blood caused plaque behind my eye causing vision loss. Another problem was every time I would look down; my whole body would go numb. I experienced pain in my neck and for two years, the vertigo was so horrible and unbearable I was not breathing properly. All the doctors would come to the same conclusion – it was caused by stress. I think the biggest thing was that I was fed up with their conclusions. I knew I all this was not my imagination! Finally, after a trip to my chiropractor, he advised me to go to a neurologist who specialized in MS, and he confirmed with a MRI that I had more than 10 MS brain lesions and one 2 centimeter lesion going down my spine. At least I had an answer. I knew the symptoms I had been feeling for years was not just stress and that I finally knew the reason for my discomfort. Karen Pine - MS, Plant City HALCI had a very stressful year from 2011-2012. I was in severe neck pain and my neck would “creek.” My doctor said I had a choice, “you can take the meds or you can do like the others, not take meds and not get well.” I subjected myself to five shots in a five day period, costing $20,000. The success of this was only for 10 days. Two weeks later my symptoms were worse and I had an exasperation that was so severe it hurt to do anything. I was given Prednisone for this MS exasperation which did slow down the symptoms. Prednisone made me mean, I was not myself and I did not like what this drug was doing to me. My friend was very concerned about me. She went online and found The Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center in Plant City, Florida. She wanted me to go but I was fearful that I would not get much out of the program as my memory was not retaining information very well and I feared I would not be able to take notes fast enough. She said she would go with me and be my brain and note taker. I spoke with owner, Dave Orcutt, who overcame MS in 2002 and has not had any MS symptoms for 11 years now. He was such an encouragement to me. We signed up for the next program in August 2012. halc3It’s amazing to walk through the doors and to immediately feel like family. We stayed in the themed Lighthouse Room and were immersed into the program of educating us how to eat, how the body works, how to detox the body, how to prepare the foods and the best part was eating it all! Oh my gosh – this food was so good; not what I was expecting at all. I think the grocery trip and the restaurant trip were most enlightening for me. It showed me that we can live a very normal lifestyle and still adhere to The Hallelujah Diet. Sherry is good at showing us tips, notes and gizmos on how to make life in the kitchen simple, fast and efficient. Now for the good news. On December 6, 2012, four months after we left Plant City, I went to my MS doctor for a checkup. He did his normal routine testing and was shocked to see that all my mobility and agility tests were normal. He couldn’t believe it. I had energy, I spoke regular sentences, and my immune system had suddenly started working. He told me that I would not need to come back for checkups anymore. Woohoo! halc2Another surprising thing; my body weight is quite low in the 90’s and I’ve actually gained on “this diet.” I now weigh 93 pounds. All the above mentioned symptoms are gone except for an occasional tingling in my fingers and toes and that only seems to happen if I eat a little something “off diet.” Living without stumbling, without vertigo and without MS has made this journey worth it. This is my new “LIFE DIET.” I need you to know... “This is so doable!" It takes some time to get into the mindset that this is a lifestyle change, not a diet. You can live a normal life on this plan and my biggest advice to everyone would be “to never give up.” Click here to book your stay at the Lifestyle Center in Florida!

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