My Doctor Wants Me To Have A Colonoscopy — Should I?

My Doctor Wants Me To Have A Colonoscopy — Should I?

Having suffered colon cancer himself, Rev. Malkmus reveals what he would do if advised to undergo a colonoscopy — the answer may surprise you!
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I am 55 years old and recently went to my doctor for a ‘check-up.’ He wants me to go for a colonoscopy just to check to determine if everything is ok. Would that be a wise thing to do or rather should I not do it? Thank you for your response. M.C.
EDITOR RESPONDS: It is not my place to tell you whether you should or should not do what your doctor advises. However, as for me personally, after being on The Hallelujah Diet for over 35 years, a colonoscopy would not be an option. I have never had one and would never submit to one. Because I am eating a 100% plant-based diet and living a lifestyle that supports both gastrointestinal and prostate health, I see no need in submitting to a potentially dangerous invasive medical test. My concern for a colonoscopy is that I have had a few folks write me in the past who told of the doctor accidentally perforating the lining of the colon during the procedure and causing monumental problems. Below you can read what I found on the internet regarding colonoscopies: “While rare, death can occur during the colonoscopy procedure. Most deaths during colonoscopy result from perforation, however, there is certainly potential for death from adverse reactions to the anesthesia, or as a result of either hemorrhaging or stroke should the procedure precipitate those adverse reactions.” Read more on the dangers of a colonoscopy here.

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