More Christmas Gift Giving Ideas

More Christmas Gift Giving Ideas

Still looking for Christmas gift ideas? We've got some that shouldn't be passed up! Act now to ensure delivery by Christmas.

In most homes, a part of the Christmas celebration is the gift exchange. For many, what to give as a gift is sometimes a difficult decision - but the best gift to give is a gift of health!

The Gift of Health

Nothing is more important than our own health and the health of our friends and loved ones. Hallelujah Acres has a nice array of suggestions that will help make your Christmas gift giving a little easier and have the potential to improve the health of those you love.

Previously, I suggested the brand new Vita-Mix Turbo VS (Variable Speed) blender as an exceptional Christmas gift. I like to call it the “Vegan Special” as it comes with a book containing over 200 raw vegan and vegetarian recipes, along with a nut milk bag and DVD. I also suggested some inexpensive books, CDs, and DVDs that would help friends and loved ones to improve their health through knowledge. This week I want to share some inexpensive gifts that will help those you love improve their health through supplementation, along with some tasty healthy snack foods.

What Kind Of Gifts Do You Give?

When I was a boy growing up our family did not always have a lot of money and so Christmas was not a time for frivolous gift giving. It was a time for giving necessities, for which I was thankful. Sadly, today we think of Christmas as a time when we must give expensive toys to our children who will maybe play with them for a few hours before they join the pile of other toys that seldom again see the light of day. Many adults today think of Christmas as a time when they must give some expensive item which, like those of the children, is enjoyed for a brief season and then set aside and forgotten.

Have you ever considered giving a gift that will help those you love improve their health, or provide something healthy for them to eat? You might be surprised how much these types of gifts will be appreciated!

BarleyMax Original  – Provides the body an amazing array of nutrients. It is a powerhouse of nutrition and vitality and can greatly assist those you love – whether child, teen or adult – increase their energy and improve their health. Comes in three flavors: regular, berry and mint. For first time users the berry is the most popular.

“I have used BarleyMax for the last 10 years and find it the best supplement out there. I have tried other products from health food stores but this one actually gives results within the first 3 days of use. If you need a pick up or clearer frame of mind (and gut) or just looking to enrich your diet I suggest you try it. The health benefits of using this are wonderful.” T. F. – Pennsylvania
CarrotJuiceMax Grapefruit-GingerIt's like nothing you've ever tasted! It's CarrotJuiceMax with grapefruit and ginger has a delightfully sweet, punch-like flavor with a refreshing burst of cirtrus. Plus, you'll get all the nutrition of our regular CarrotJuiceMax - the only juice powder of its kind kept enzymatically alive. Try it as a soft drink the next time you have guests...seriously! It's that good!
“I've been using the CarrotJuiceMax for 2 years and I love it.” B S. - Ohio

Survival Bars At 300 calories, this truly raw, living food bar makes a perfect meal replacement. It’s packed with nutrient-dense, organic whole foods – and it’s the only bar in the world made with BarleyMax, BeetMax and CarrotJuiceMax! Makes a healthy stocking stuffer and wonderful gift for the college student with a busy course load!

Remember our Snack Bar Sampler Pack - DID YOU KNOW? Hallelujah Acres offered a delicious and healthy variety of snack bars that made great stocking stuffers! The Sampler Pack included 2 of each of our 6 flavors of bars:

  • Pecan Pie – Yes, it really tasted like pecan pie! This concept of a classic southern favorite impressed even the most discriminating pie connoisseur.
  • Mocha Coconut – Gourmet coffee lovers enjoyed this favorite flavor – without caffeine!
  • Orange Cranberry Delight – A delicious combination of tangy cranberries, orange zest, and a mellow blend of spices was another new favorite.
  • Blueberry – Bursting with juicy summer fruit, this chewy, cookie-like treat  rivaled even grandma’s recipe!
  • Vanilla Nut Goodee – The combination of nuts, vanilla, cinnamon and spices in this bar was like fresh cinnamon buns!
  • Maple Nut Royale Bars – Made with hearty, simple combination of nuts combined with pure maple syrup.

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