Miracles, Hope, and Joy!

Miracles, Hope, and Joy!

Imagine using words like "miracle", "hope", and "joy" to describe your health — every day! That's exactly what people are discovering with the Hallelujah Diet. Here are some recent letters from people who just couldn't hold it in anymore... they needed you to know that the Hallelujah Diet works!
“Dearest George and Rhonda, Thank you for enduring when people did not care for your truth! Because you have dedicated your lives to the mission that God gave you, you have lived in the unfolding of miracles, hope, and joy! Because of you, I have missed death twice and have had the chance to grow closer to our Lord and Saviour. Thank you for being heroes and so very special.” ~ Jan W., Mt Holly, North Carolina
“I totally agree with you and I thank you so much for enlightening the world with your teachings. May the Almighty God richly bless you in showing the people the truth.” ~ Gabiriele S.
“How very grateful we are for Hallelujah Acres. You have helped us to avoid illnesses that plague so many others our age – we are both in our 70’s. Thank you, thank you, and God bless you!” ~ Karen
“I am a believer but like to refer your articles to my Jewish friends and I was wondering if you could include ‘all people’ in your newsletters – you refer to Christians all of the time – but this diet is for all people isn’t it? I was raised a Christian but am now a Messianic Jew, and like to refer your Health Tips to my Orthodox Jewish friends as well as other unbelievers.” ~ Doris
Rev. Malkmus’ Reply: “Dear Doris, I was a Baptist pastor for almost 20 years and couldn’t understand why Christians were just as sick as non-Christians. When I was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1976, at the age of 42, at the encouragement of an evangelist friend, I adopted God’s original Genesis 1:29 diet, as recorded in the Bible as a means of recovering from that cancer without orthodox treatments. As a result of making this simple diet change I got well, and have stayed well on this same Genesis 1:29 diet for almost 40 years now. Because of my personal experience and biblical research, I started Hallelujah Acres, a ministry to take God’s Health Message to the world in 1992. The ministry is dedicated to teaching health from a biblical perspective. And though the things that we teach apply to all people everywhere, the main thrust of our ministry is toward the Christian community, because that was my background and original burden. Surprisingly, many Jews as well as non-Christians have embraced our teachings and not so surprisingly experienced the same improvements in their health as has the Christian community. (We even have several Jewish Rabbis who have become Hallelujah Health Ministers.) So, yes, the Hallelujah Diet is for all people! And though our ministry will continue to focus primarily on the Christian community, our goal is that some day, in some way, all the peoples of the world, regardless of religious belief, will hear and understand that they ‘don’t have to be sick’ if they will simply apply the nutritional principles given mankind by God, as found in the Bible in Genesis 1:29. Blessings to you, Doris, and may the Lord give you great wisdom as you seek to help others improve their health.”

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