Meet with Rev. Malkmus

Meet with Rev. Malkmus

I was excited to be able to call my dad this past weekend and wish him a happy Father’s Day. He is now 81 years old, extremely healthy and still sharp as a tack. I remember him not always healthy though. I recall how he used to have terrible allergies and then there was the tumor in his colon nearly 40 years ago. Growing up with Rev. Malkmus was definitely a unique experience. He certainly had a lot of drive and passion for whatever he believed in whether it was family, spiritual or country. After he was told he had colon cancer and found someone who advised him to change his diet he implemented the dietary changes throughout his family. There are four of us siblings (teenagers at that time) and we all were “not” impressed with these new dietary guidelines. In fact, all of us kids said “We don’t care what we die of we just want to eat food that tastes good.” Fast forward to 1997 when dad asked me to help promote the Hallelujah Diet -- I was hesitant to say the least. I hadn’t had exposure to the Diet since my teen year. Though dad’s tumor went away as well as his other physical problems but me, promote healthy eating? I already mentioned what we thought about this health food business when dad first “thrust” it on us kids. Then of course, there is working with dad. After being on my own for almost 20 years I wasn’t overly excited about the prospect of working with dad on a day to day basis. Dad asked me to join him at a Health Minister training in 1997. On the first evening of the training there were scores of trainees who gave witness of powers of the Hallelujah Diet they had experienced in their own lives. Cancers, diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune diseases and many others; people just saw their bodies heal. Hearing these incredible stories propelled me to decide to help dad share this great message. Click here to read some of the amazing healing testimonies. Working with him turned out to be an incredible experience. The passion and dedication that I had observed him him as a child was again manifested through his sharing of the health message. His mission in life became helping people overcome their health challenges by simply changing what they consumed. And, the results that I have witnessed first hand have been as incredible as they were that evening way back in 1997. One of the biggest hurdles I’ve observed over the years is that people can’t believe that the Hallelujah Diet works as well as it does. How could something so simple work so well? It is simple and it does work! I remember traveling with dad several years ago. We were in the Chicago airport (funny, that is where I’m writing this article). Someone approached dad, introduced himself and proceeded to tell dad what an incredible experience he had with the Hallelujah Diet. Over the years there have been tens of thousands of people who have written or called to share their wonderful results. It was actually these reports of healings that inspired dad to continue to dedicate his life to sharing this incredible information. Now, dad is enjoyed a wonderful life in sunny Florida. I could hear the energy and excitement in his voice when we talked Sunday. The zest for life is still there and he is still passionate about the diet and the difference it makes in people’s health.
Rev. George Malkmus with "Rev. Malkmus" in the "Subject" field and we'll be sure he gets it. I know he would be inspired to hear from you. If you haven’t tried the Hallelujah Diet before, you can learn more about it at Thanks dad for teaching us the health principles that have helped so many to regain and maintain ultimate health.

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