Are Too Many Vaccines Destroying Kids' Immune Systems?

Are Too Many Vaccines Destroying Kids' Immune Systems?

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Last week I shared exerpts from their article, Vaccine Risks the Government Won't Tell You About. This week’s article talks about how Too Many Vaccines are Destroying Kids’ Immune Systems, again from Newsmax Health. This new article begins with:
“Today’s children should look like pincushions from the dozens of vaccines they get from birth to the age of 18. According to the CDC, the onslaught begins within 12 hours of birth when many babies get a Hepatitis B vaccine,” says Dr. David Brownstein. “At two months, eight more vaccines follow, including polio, tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis, and throughout the next few months, they are subjected to boosters of the vaccines they’ve already had plus additional vaccines.” “The CDC recommends that children get 49 doses of 14 vaccines before they reach the age of 6, and the total reaches 69 doses by the age of 18,” Dr. Brownstein tells Newsmax Health."
The rest of the article is dedicated to answering the question:

“What's The Result?”

According to the National Vaccine Information Center, chronic disease and disability in children has drastically increased in the past 50 years. For instance, in the 1990s, one child in 555 had autism, but in 2013, the figure had risen to one child in 50. The article states that “vaccines may not be good for a child’s immune system, because perhaps it needs to be stimulated with these childhood infections to become strong. In answer to “Why are so many kids having all these allergies” Dr. Brownstein answers: “I believe that there are multiple reasons for this, but the main reason is that the younger generation’s immune system is becoming weaker and weaker because of all these vaccinations. These vaccines also contain toxic elements such as mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde. It is ludicrous to inject these toxic agents into our youth and expect good outcomes. Dr. Brownstein concludes by saying “I am not against all vaccines.” “However, just proclaiming that vaccinations are safe does not make it so. There are inherent dangers of vaccinating as there are dangers of not vaccinating. Parents need to educate themselves about vaccines so that they can make appropriated decisions on whether to vaccinate."

Editor's Comments

My question is: Did God build inside each of our bodies a means of protection from the germs, viruses and bacteria of this world? I answer that question with a great big YES! He built into each of our bodies an immune system, which was designed by God to protect us from all these outside negative influences. When I was a child growing up back in the 1930’s and 1940’s we didn’t have all the vaccines we have today. I remember having chicken pox and then mumps and measles both at the same time. (I wanted to get them over with quickly, I guess). Yes, we had the occasional cold and maybe the flu, but we got over them without any ill effects and our immune system became stronger as a result. But all this tampering with the immune system with vaccines, and all the toxic materials that are in these vaccines, has weakened the immune system, and these vaccines along with the toxins accompanying the vaccines, are producing chronic illnesses in our children, along with neurological problems we didn’t have to contend with back when I was growing up. For over 23 years I have been promoting a healthy diet, which creates a strong and resilient immune system, without the use of vaccinations. This strong immune system centers around a healthy vegan diet along with lots of physical exercise. For more information on raising healthy children let me recommend you obtain a copy of: Pregnancy, Children and the Hallelujah Diet written by Olin Idol, ND, CNC. Excellent resources regarding vaccines can be found here and here.

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