Many Respond To Rev. Malkmus' Surgery

Many Respond To Rev. Malkmus' Surgery

Rev. Malkmus is healing nicely from his hernia surgery — and The Hallelujah Diet is a big reason for the rapid recovery! Here's what others have had to say about their hernia experience.
A great BIG “THANK YOU” to all those who send me get-well wishes concerning my recent hospital visit for surgical repair of a protruding inguinal hernia! And thank you for all your prayers. It has been two weeks since surgery and I am doing great! I have my final follow-up with the surgeon on Thursday, July 26. Can’t wait for him to tell me I can start lifting items over 10 pounds, return to vigorous exercise, and being able to mow my lawn again. I miss being able to do those things. In the meantime I have been doing stretching exercises and Rhonda and I have been walking at least four miles each day. I have been amazed at how many men have commented about having the same surgical procedure I recently experienced. Apparently this is type of problem is more common (especially for men) than I had previously thought. Below I share a few of the letters received:
“Great testimony Rev. Malkmus! Don’t know if you remember us or not, but four years ago my husband John and I came through Health Minister training there at Hallelujah Acres in Shelby. John had malignant melanoma and Hodgkin’s lymphoma in the year 2000, went on The Hallelujah Diet to get well, and not only did he get well then, but here he is 12 years later at age 81 and he is still well. John had a hernia a few months ago, had surgical repair, and experienced the same rapid healing as you did, even though he is a couple years older than you. John’s boss had the same hernia repair surgery as both you and John had, only it took him four times as long to heal and still isn’t quite right. But of course, both you and John are on The Hallelujah Diet and John’s boss is on the sad Standard American Diet.” Health Minister’s John and Judith A.
“I can honestly say ‘I know exactly how you feel!’ I was in the same position as you just last month for an inguinal (protruding) hernia located in my groin area. It was repaired with the surgical mesh procedure and I found the greatest pain was in that surgical repair area. I’m praying for your swift recovery!” Jon
“Dearest George, We love you and know God has you in the palm of His hand. You and Rhonda continue to be such wonderful inspirations to us all. We are proud to say we are Hallelujah Acres Health Ministers and use healing testimonies such as yours as examples to inspire others to get off their SAD diets and on to The Hallelujah Diet. Praying the Lord will heal you quickly and completely because we need you! We love you and beautiful Rhonda.” Health Ministers Vivvy and JR
“Just read in your Health Tip about your surgery. I am glad you are doing so well. I know without a doubt that a lot of that healing is due to The Hallelujah Diet. May God continue to bless you and Sister Rhonda.” Amanda S.

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