Maintaining Health Is Our Responsibility – Not Government's

Maintaining Health Is Our Responsibility – Not Government's

In last week's Health Tip #644 I concluded the article titled "Man's Physical Body - Most Complex of all God's Creations" with these words: Dear friends, government, no matter how much of our tax money it spends, cannot prevent sickness nor restore health to anyone, because God has given that responsibility not to government, but rather to each of us as individuals as we read in Romans 12:1-2:

"I beseech YOU therefore brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present YOUR BODIES a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is YOUR REASONABLE SERVICE. And BE NOT CONFORMED TO THIS WORLD: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God."

Attaining And Maintaining Health Requires Knowledge

Attaining and maintaining a healthy body and a sound mind requires more than money. It requires more than government-mandated programs. It requires more than Health Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Hospitals, doctors, prescription and over the counter drugs, chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, and all the other expensive so-called fixes of our day. It even requires more than herbs and homeopathic medicines. Attaining and maintaining a healthy body and a sound mind also requires more than university-trained nutritionists telling us what we should or should not eat in order to be properly nourished. In fact, attaining and maintaining a healthy body and sound mind usually requires even more than God's involvement. Rather, attaining and maintaining health requires knowledge and an understanding of how God designed us and how God intended us to nourish this incredible, God created, "wonderfully made", physical body we each possess. Listen to what God has to say concerning knowledge in Hosea 4:6


I stand amazed at the ignorance of our current generation. How we have totally forsaken God and natural instinct, and rather placed the nourishing and care of our physical bodies into the hands of government and the so-called experts of our day, rather than in the "knowledge" the God who created us placed in His book of maintenance, the Bible. Listen to what God has to say with regard to following the teachings of this world:

"For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God . . . . The Lord knoweth the thoughts of the wise, that they are vain. Therefore let no man glory in men." (I Corinthians 3:19-21)

"Better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man." (Psalm 118:8)

We Create Our Own Physical Problems And Health Challenges

I am going to drop a bomb shell here: Whether we want to believe it or not, we are not the innocent victim but rather the cause of almost every physical and psychological problem we experience during our entire lifetime. And if we are going to recover from that problem it is our own personal responsibility to make it happen. But to correct that physical or psychological problem, it's going to require a paradigm shift. If we are going to get well we must change how we think and how we deal with these problems. All of our lives, most of us have been programmed, as my registered nurse mother programmed me as I was growing up - "When you get sick, you go to the doctor and you do what the doctor says." Friends, going to a doctor and doing what the doctor says will never produce a healthy body or mind!

We Are Not The Innocent Victim

To obtain and maintain health we must stop seeing ourselves as the victim. We must stop believing that our physical and psychological problems came from something we have no control over such as bad germs, viruses, bacteria, and even bad genes. In our attempt to get guidance and direction for our sufferings and afflictions, we neglect to look within and instead look to people and places that don't see the power of the incredible body and rely on artificial means that have never proven to have long term positive results. We must realize that putting our bodies in the hands of strangers and giving them power over our very body and lives is dangerous. Treating symptoms never eliminates the problem. Chemotherapy and drugs have no power to heal. Radiation has never healed anyone but rather produced further damage. Surgeries do additional harm.

Only We Can Correct Our Own Health Problems

It is only when we realize that we created the physical or psychological problems we are experiencing and acknowledge that it is only we that can correct these problems that we can begin our journey back to wellness and the ultimate health God designed for each of us. The traditional medical process usually begins with a test of some sort. And that is where the ever-increasing number of diagnostic and early detection tests come into play, which seem to find something wrong with even the healthiest person. Sadly, these tests often create new problems. Take a colonoscopy for instance: I just learned the other day of a lady who submitted her body to a colonoscopy just to make sure she didn't have a problem in her colon. But in performing the procedure the lining of the colon tore and fecal waste began pouring into her body almost causing her death. And how many times has a mammogram resulted in a false reading that resulted in great anxiety, further tests, further expense and sometimes even unnecessary surgeries? The problem that I see is that although most doctors entered the profession to help their fellow man, they were simply not trained in medical school how to cure anyone of anything or how to restore wellness to the physical body. Rather than studying a health model, they were only taught pathology, illness, death and chemical intervention to suppress the symptoms of disease. These chemical interventions and other modalities have the potential to do additional harm to the body creating additional problems requiring additional treatment. These additional problems and treatments often begin a slow deterioration of the person's health and before they know it they have developed a growing list of new health challenges, each requiring additional doctoring, medications, and cost. Now I acknowledge that the medical community does excel when it comes to repairing bodies that have been broken in an accident, but when it comes to sickness and disease, they have absolutely no knowledge as to how to restore wellness in the people who come to them. And as for doctors giving you advice as to how to become healthy, most have no knowledge at all. This becomes quickly evident when you observe the health of the doctors themselves that you go to for a fix. Do they not experience the same physical problems as do the people who come to them for help? If they knew how to fix us, they would have already fixed themselves.

Animals In The Wild Far Wiser Than We Humans

If we will take just a few moments to consider the animals in the wild I believe we can learn something. Animals in the wild carry no Health Insurance, nor are they provided with Medicare, Medicaid, Hospitals, doctors, drugs, radiation, or surgeries. Nor do they have university trained nutritionists to tell them what they should or should not eat, or how many grams of this or calories of that they should consume to be properly nourished, and yet animals in the wild rarely ever get sick! So just what is it that allows animals in the wild, without any help from the medical community or dieticians to experience excellent health, while man with all these so-called helps, becomes sicker and sicker as the cost of their so-called health care continues to climb? Here is the answer: Animals in the wild follow the instincts God placed within them when He created them. An animal in the wild knows by the instinct programmed into them by God, where to go to obtain the nutrients necessary to sustain life immediately upon birth. Do they not instinctively seek out mother's milk supply without any help from man? And after these wild animals are weaned, do they not know instinctively and by mother's example, and without man's help, what to eat in order to sustain life? We call them dumb animals, but they are far wiser than we humans when it comes to how to nourish and maintain their God created bodies.

So Why Do We Humans Get Sick?

Most people who drive an automobile know that the engine of the vehicle they are driving was designed by its designer to run on a certain grade or octane of gasoline. If they are not aware of this and in ignorance place within the gas tank of that vehicle a low octane fuel or contaminated fuel, what will be the result? Will that low octane or contaminated fuel not cause pinging and knocking? Now if when that pinging and knocking occurs, they take the vehicle to a mechanic to fix and he is unaware that they have put a low octane or contaminated fuel in the gas tank, the mechanic might do all kinds of things in an effort to repair the engine while charging money for his efforts. But the mechanic will be unable to fix the problem as long as he is unaware the problem was caused by the owner placing wrong fuel in the gas tank. If we humans are going to experience the health we so desire we must be mindful of the warning God gives us in Galatians 6:7, and let's apply this teaching to what we take into our body and expose our body to: "And be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." Almost every physical and even psychological problem we humans experience during our entire lifetime is caused by placing the wrong fuel (food and/or drink) into our body. And the problems we are experiencing are merely the body reacting to the wrong fuel. If this be so, what can the doctor do to help us? If the problem we are experiencing is caused by wrong or bad fuel, can that pinging and knocking be corrected by placing more contaminants into the body in the form of drugs (poisons)? Or rather will not these additional contaminants produce more pinging and knocking (additional problems)? And if the problem is caused by bad fuel, will radiating (burning) the offending part restore health? Or will removing the part through surgery restore health. Do you believe the mechanic working on your car can, by removing the spark plugs or other parts, create a condition that will allow the car to run better, when the problem was bad fuel? I am out of space for this Health Tip. Next week, the good Lord willing, we will take a look at the fuel we are placing into our bodies and see if we can determine what part we are playing in the creation of the physical and psychological problems we are experiencing. To be continued...

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