Longevity Is Just The Beginning

Longevity Is Just The Beginning

Long life is great, but living it in ultimate health is divine! Here's how people on The Hallelujah Diet are doing just that.
I want to send a great BIG “THANK YOU” to all who sent me birthday greetings either by e-mail, snail-mail, phone, or personal greeting. Here are just a few of them:
“Happy Birthday Dr. Malkmus! You are such a blessing to my husband and me and what an inspiration you have been us. You are my hero! I am so thankful that 10 years ago, after being diagnosed with a heart disease called cardio myopathy, and the doctors had given me no hope beyond a heart transplant, that I learned about and adopted The Hallelujah Diet. I believe it was The Hallelujah Diet that saved my life. As a result of making the diet change my heart is fine, I am now 75 years old, am very active and a trained Hallelujah Acres Health Minister serving Jesus by helping others deal with physical problems by adopt The Hallelujah Diet. I have a Hallelujah Acres Vegan Supper in my home here in Greenville, South Carolina once a month. I am so excited about what The Hallelujah Diet has done in my life in the past and looking forward to the next however many years the Lord gives me to see what the diet will do in the future. Thank you again for The Hallelujah Diet because it not only saved my life but my husband’s life as well after a cancer diagnosis five years ago. Without medical attention he no longer has melanoma cancer. We love and pray for you.” Ruth D.
“Happy Birthday from Hawaii! Your life is such an inspiration to me and the world. I am not too far behind you in age and my record is disease free since 1984 after adopting a diet similar to The Hallelujah Diet. I became a Health Minister in 2007 and personally met you and saw your energy! Because the Lord has blessed me with this Health Message, I am teaching and sharing this message also. I am a senior citizen who still looks like and acts like a young woman. People guess me at many years younger than my age and when they ask, I tell them that the reason for my youthful appearance and activity is due to my healthy lifestyle and then tell them that “It’s not too late for them.” I live on the Big Island here in Hawaii, and like you am extremely active. Would love for you to come for a visit and have opportunity to see you again. I love your health tips!” Foreverhealthy1, Hawaii
“Dear George, we wish you a wonderful birthday. You meant a lot to the lives of two quasi hippies when you started Hallelujah Acres in Rogersville, Tennessee back in 1992 and certainly helped us to a healthier and sweeter life as you have so many others on this tiny planet. We moved to sunny New Mexico nine years ago and our souls are so happy here. Love to Rhonda.” Bruce and Yvonne G., New Mexico
“Dear Rev. Malkmus, Happy Birthday! I have two of your books – God’s Way to Ultimate Health and Rhonda’s Recipes for Life. I purchased them from a naturopath doctor many years ago. Her name was Betty and a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister. Betty passed away in 2004 due to auto accident injuries. I am so thankful to God, Betty, and you all. Thanks to The Hallelujah Diet I not only got off all my daily allergy medications and weekly injections, but as of 1997 I no longer have mitral valve prolapse. The doctor says this is a miracle because this is a birth defect and that no one can heal from it. This letter is long overdue, so this is a belated ‘Thank You!’ I hope to soon be trained and certified as a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister. All God’s best to you and yours.” Sharin L., Lexington, Kentucky “P.S. Your BarleyMax is a wonderful product. I could tell the difference in the way I felt the very first day using it.”
“Happy 78th birthday Rev. Malkmus. You are a real inspiration to me. I look forward to your weekly Health Tips so much – they are always so interesting. I hope I will be as vibrant and healthy when I’m your age. Your weekly Health Tips keep me on track.” Vicenza F.
“Rev. Malkmus, since you are holding seminars in Tampa and Jacksonville, Florida in February, would you please consider holding the first ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health’ seminar in The Villages? We are on the route between Tampa and Jacksonville, just 20 minutes south of Ocala off I75. We have 89,000 people here in the Villages now and GROWING by the day. Many of us here in the village are ACTIVE SENIORS. Would you please call or email me ASAP to arrange a seminar here? Sandra S., The Villages, Florida
Rev Malkmus responds: Hi Sandra, We would be most happy to consider conducting a seminar in the Villages. If you will provide a venue that will accommodate a minimum of 200 people we will work out a time for a presentation.

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