Long-term Health and Healing!

Long-term Health and Healing!

From cat bites to cancer and even MS, everyone is discovering the immune boosting power of The Hallelujah Diet!
Daily, these letters are found in my mailbox, coming from across America and around the world, sharing how the ministry of Hallelujah Acres and the programs we teach have helped them recover from all manner of physical and psychological problems. Some of these letters are from those who just want to say how much they appreciate what we are doing. I appreciate them all. Thank you for writing!
Dear Rev. Malkmus, after viewing your video presentation ‘How to Eliminate Sickness’ in 1999, I adopted The Hallelujah Diet, and have been able to manage my Multiple Sclerosis (MS) without drugs ever since. In 2003 I had recovered sufficiently from my MS to be able to hike the Appalachian Trail from Maine to Tennessee with no problems, and at the front of the pack! Today, 11 years after adopting The Hallelujah Diet I am still doing well and still able to remain active. Thanks George and Hallelujah Acres. Matt G.
Thank you, Rev. Malkmus for your zealous crusade to bring God’s truth to His people through your ministry! I greatly admire your strength of conviction to stand for and follow the truth against the many voices that try to silence you. I was first introduced to the plant-based diet and natural healing in the 80’s by Natural Hygiene. That particular group did not prosper and grow as Hallelujah Acres has done. I believe that is a testimony to the glory of God because you follow the teaching of God's Word. May God bless you with many more years! Christine A.
Hello Reverend, I am being treated for reoccurring ovarian cancer, originally diagnosed in 2002, when I did chemo, radiation and multiple surgeries. Nine years later, in April 2011 during a routine oncology check-up my CA125 cancer marker was found to be elevated to 119 (normal range is 0-35). A biopsy confirmed it was cancer and the doctor started me once again on chemo. After the first course of chemo a biopsy revealed my CA125 had increased to 400. After my third course of chemo, my CA125 had increased to 1800 and a cat scan showed the cancer had now spread to the liver. In side-by-side scans, all of this spread has occurred AFTER more chemotherapy had been given me. Obviously, the chemo has caused the spread of my cancer and I feel the desperate need to detox my system and get as much of this chemo out of me as possible. Rev. Malkmus, you were recommended to me by a friend. I desperately need your help in detoxing my body and rebuilding my immune system. Paula L.
Dear Brother-in-the-Lord, George; I want to thank you and the Lord for your latest encouragement through your article Health Insurance – Dangerous to Your Health. This Health Tip gave me the determination to start today with The Hallelujah Recovery Diet so that I can behold God’s marvelous self-healing heal my still lingering sciatica in my right leg. This is the only lingering physical problem left after I have already witnessed some incredible healing results from other physical problems by following The Hallelujah Diet. Daily freshly made vegetable juices made it possible for a badly sprained ankle to recover sufficiently in 10 days to be able to go downhill skiing, and recover from a cat bite in just 5 days. Thank you for your family’s faithfulness to proclaiming Genesis 1:29 and showing the entire world God’s Word is true! If only Christians would follow God’s Word concerning their physical as they do in following God’s Word concerning the spiritual. Monika H.
Rev. Malkmus, I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for all the help your website has given me. I am on day 35 of the 60 Days to Reclaim Your Health internet challenge, while my husband is on day 21. I am thrilled to say that in just 35 days I have already lost 15 pounds and feel so much better and happier with my life. I appreciate so much all the research and articles found on your website that has helped me to understand how my body works and depends on the nutrition I provide it. It’s just a miracle I have lived as long as I have eating the world’s SAD diet. Now when I see others eating meat and sugar I cringe and tell my husband they just don’t understand how much they are abusing and harming their bodies. When my friends tell me how they have this or that physical problem I now tell them they need to try The Hallelujah Diet if they want to be well. Judy A.

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