Letters from those on 60 Days to a Hallelujah Waistline

Letters from those on 60 Days to a Hallelujah Waistline

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Last week we reached the half-way mark with our “60 Days to a Hallelujah Waistline” challenge. Nearly 7,000 people from around the worldwide have accepted the challenge, and the reports of weight loss are pouring in. Just among the 28 employees here at Hallelujah Acres International Headquarters who have accepted the 60-Day challenge, they already have a combined weight loss of 228 pounds. Then in church this past Sunday; Lewis, one of the members who is on the 60-day challenge told me he had already lost 25 pounds and had on a suit he said he hadn’t been able to wear in over 10 years. And then there are the testimonies coming in from around the world by email:
“Since beginning the 60-day Challenge 21 days ago, I have lost 20-pounds and my clothes are fitting so much better. Also my enlarged prostate is getting better and my cholesterol readings are already lower. I love the Hallelujah Diet and the way I am feeling. I have already come a long way in achieving that Hallelujah Waistline, but I am not stopping now. Sincerely, your friend and brother in Christ.” James L.
“Last August I went on a sugar free diet and dropped my weight from 182 to 160, but stopped the sugar free diet between Thanksgiving and the New Year. Then I started the 60-day Challenge to a Hallelujah Waistline and have in just the first few weeks lost an additional four pounds. I feel great on The Hallelujah Diet, but I’m getting so much flack from my husband. He’s not on the diet and has been laid off from work and said my BarleyMax needs to go. He also told me my food shouldn’t be organic anymore. I will continue on as best I can, but he can’t get me to eat anything that comes from an animal. That’s all there is to it. I’ll do the best I can and when the BarleyMax runs out I’ll just keep hanging in there the best I can. God bless you!” Brenda, Michigan
EDITOR’S NOTE: Brenda has thus far lost a total of 26-pounds and James 21-pounds. A conventional bowling ball weighs 16 pounds and each has already lost more than the weight of a bowling ball. Those who bowl know how heavy a bowling ball is, and can you imagine some people are carrying around two, three, four and even more bowling balls in their body. No wonder they don’t feel good, are developing diabetes, experiencing high blood pressure, and some need knee replacements. Over 60% of the American population is overweight, with an ever increasing percentage of the population is becoming obese. The problem is caused by wrong diet and lack of exercise. We at Hallelujah Acres are here to be a help and blessing, and it is not too late to begin the 60-Day challenge to a Hallelujah Waistline. You can learn more about the 60-Day challenge at www.hacres.com/60days.
“I am so excited to learn about the Hallelujah Diet and want to adopt the diet not only for an overweight problem, but also for numerous physical problems. I am 36 years old and for the past ten years have been on painkillers for back pain. My doctor just recently took me off the painkillers and put me on morphine. When I was 28 years old, I had a total hip replacement and now I need to get both knees replaced as well as my left shoulder. I am also unable to go the bathroom to eliminate but once a week or sometimes two weeks. I don’t have a job and have been trying to find work, but I don’t know how I can work when I am in bed most of the time because of pain and being constantly sleepy and nauseas. Please help me!” Lesa B.
EDITOR’S NOTE: O…God, please help this woman! Far too often, I receive letters like the one above from Lesa. How do you help someone whose body has already deteriorated to such a level? Thankfully, with the miraculous self-healing body God has entrusted to each of us, when we provide the conditions conducive to healing, the body will do all it possibly can to heal itself even when the situation looks hopeless! Hopefully her email will be a wakeup call to all parents reading this, to make sure the food you are providing your children is food that will properly nourish their bodies, so that your child doesn’t end up like Lesa at age 28 with a hip replacement, and at age 36 almost an invalid. Only proper nourishment and lots of exercise, beginning in early childhood, can prevent this type of result.

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