My Last "First Saturday" Seminar

My Last "First Saturday" Seminar

Last Saturday, November 1, I conducted my final first-Saturday-of-the-month, “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” seminar in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was a bittersweet experience; I am glad I would no longer be traveling thousands of miles to conduct these seminars and sleeping in strange hotel beds, but I am sad to no longer be sharing my seminar in person with sick and hurting people. For the past 22 years, on the first Saturday of each month, I have shared these seminars first in Rogersville, Tennessee, then in Shelby, North Carolina and for the past year or so in various cities in the southeastern part of the United States. In addition, I have also shared these seminars in the six largest cities in Australia, and conducted Health Minister training in Australia in 2000. The following year, I conducted seminars in the six largest cities in South Africa to an average crowd of 600. Then, after a three-hour seminar in Cape Town on a Saturday morning with a crowd of about 600, there were another 600 people waiting to hear the health message – so I conducted a second 3-hour seminar that same day. In addition to these seminars in Australia and South Africa, I have share God’s health message in every province in Canada and almost every state in the United States. I have shared this message in colleges and universities and in churches with over 5,000 people in attendance. I was 58 years old when I began sharing these seminars, and in just a few months I will be 81 years old. I still have my health, and I could probably continue sharing these seminars, but I must say that after almost 23 years of doing so, it is time to stop and enjoy life — and be able to sleep in my own bed eating Rhonda’s healthy food instead of being on the road! However, I will continue to write my weekly Health Tips as I have been for the past 17+ years. I trust you will stay in contact through my Health Tip as I continue to share “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” through the printed page. You can read my weekly Health Tips by clicking here. Or sign up for the Health Tip to receive the Health Tip your mailbox each week by clicking here.

The Final Seminar: Charlotte, NC

Last Friday we left our home in St. Augustine, Florida around 8:00 a.m. and drove for about 8 hours, arriving at the Hallelujah Acres Store in Gastonia, North Carolina at about 4:30 p.m. We purchased products at the store to bring back home with us and then went to supper with our son Paul, president of Hallelujah Acres and with his wife Ann. My daughter Lynda had driven in from Tennessee to be at my last seminar and she was with us for the evening meal. It was a wonderful family event! We had a reserved room at the Sheraton Airport Hotel, where we spent the night. Next morning I was in the ballroom where the seminar was to be held before 9:00 to find our crew from Hallelujah Acres was already setting up for the seminar. I greeted people coming to this last seminar from about 9:00 until the seminar began at 10:00. One of the first people to arrive was a lady who had flown in from Nigeria in order to thank me for the Hallelujah Diet which had saved her life. A pastor from Durham, North Carolina and his wife had driven in to say “Thank You” as he had recovered from both a stroke and a heart attack on the Hallelujah Diet and now both he and his wife are Health Ministers. We began the seminar at 10:00 a.m. sharp with my son Paul Malkmus opening in prayer and introducing me. After running down the aisle and hopping onto the platform the seminar was off and running. One of the first things I do in every seminar is ask for folks present and on the Hallelujah Diet to share what the Hallelujah Diet has meant to their health. There were several dozen who shared how the Hallelujah Diet had improved their health – testimonies of cancer gone, diabetes gone, allergies gone, high blood pressure gone, along with lots of other physical problems including lots and lots of weight lost. At the end of the seminar the people remained for over an hour asking questions, taking pictures, and autographing books, and telling both Rhonda and I how the information we had been sharing all these years had changed and even saved their lives. After the seminar we left for home about 2:00 p.m. and drove the 8 hours home, arriving home just before 9:00 after a safe drive, although we had seen several terrible accidents on both our trip up and on our return trip. Thank you Lord for another safe trip! In fact, we have had safe travel to and from every seminar for almost 23 years. In church Sunday, some of the people who knew I was delivering my last seminar in Charlotte the day before, asked how it felt to be retired from traveling and doing these seminar. My reply was that it was a bittersweet experience. I was glad the traveling and motels were over, but I knew I would miss sharing God’s health message in person. Rhonda and I want to thank all of you who have supported this ministry through the years and the many prayers you have prayed on our behalf. Please continue to pray for Hallelujah Acres and for my son Paul and his wife Ann as they continue to oversee the ministry and to take God’s health message to the world!

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