Knowledge Heals!

Knowledge Heals!

Ignorance harms but knowledge heals! Read these amazing stories of what happened when Jennifer and Elias simply learned of and applied God's Genesis 1:29 diet!
THANK YOU to all who wrote me this past week! Your letters, as the saying goes, “make my day,” especially those letters telling of how your health was turned around after adopting The Hallelujah Diet. Please keep those letters coming!
“It is indeed a miracle the way I came across your teachings. All the questions that were troubling me as a young minister of the Gospel concerning why God so often does not answer prayers for healing were answered in your book ‘Why Christians Get Sick.’ These were questions that often re-echoed in my mind. Fortunately as I absorbed myself in your teachings, my questions were not only answered but explained. I can also acknowledge that most preachers have emphasized the spiritual side of healing while neglecting the physical side. In the church in which I ministered I faced the reality of sickness and death among God’s people – both young and old – and wondered why so many were dying after we prayed for them to get well. Out of ignorance we end up saying, ‘it’s God’s will.' Dr. George, I would like to congratulate you on taking a stand against this teaching, especially when so many young people are dying of all manner of disease after abundant prayer. We must consider the violation of physical laws and deal with these physical laws if we are going to find a solution. After meeting Hallelujah Acres Health Ministers Billy and Glenda, who taught me Hallelujah Acres principles, my passion has been stirred to preach and teach your material where I minister and in the surrounding schools. I’m also eager to bring this material to pastors who will be eager to make this information known in their churches after I share it with them. We have the potential to influence our country of Zimbabwe with your biblical teachings. I don’t know how to thank God appropriately for what He has done for me, by answering my troubling questions concerning ‘Why Christians Get Sick?’ through you, Dr. George. I wish one day to see you face to face, hug you, and walk with you in the gardens of Hallelujah Acres. May the Lord richly bless you!” Pastor Elias K., Zimbabwe, Africa
“I was diagnosed with gastroparesis in March 2009. Basically, the nerve that controls my stomach quit working due to a gastro bug that attacked the nerve. I could not digest any food, but would vomit it back up undigested after 3-4 hours of pain, so I was put on chemical medical oral liquid feed for over 9 months. I decided this couldn’t be all that good for me as it was nothing but dairy plus pure chemicals. In November of 2009 I started juicing. Slowly I was able to eat again, but not knowing any different, I went back on the SNZD (Standard New Zealand Diet) eating a lot of animal products. My conditions worsened and I kept regressing, spending much of the time vomiting. Fast forward to 2011 when a few months ago I started taking BarleyMax at my mother’s suggestion. Then I read the book titled The Hallelujah Diet by Rev. George Malkmus and decided to start The Hallelujah Diet. The result – I am feeling so much better and have so much energy (very important for a homeschooling Mum of 4 children). But BEST of all I can eat again. I will not go back to eating the SAD foods because I have not vomited once since implementing The Hallelujah Diet completely. Before the diet and lifestyle change I had been hospitalized eight times during the past year – but no more! I am also off ALL medications, even the six laxatives per day I had to take due to slow bowel transit. Instead of the laxatives I am now taking Fiber Cleanse and am ‘going’ every day if not twice a day. The interesting thing with gastroparesis is that they suggest you NOT consume any fruits or veggies because their fiber is supposed to irritate the gut – but they are so wrong! I can even handle nuts and seeds and am eating all sorts of wonderful natural food and enjoying EVERY bite of it. Thank you so much.” Jennifer C., New Zealand
Thank you for promoting the truth! I attended one of your seminars and it was wonderful. I know your Genesis 1:29 diet is from the heart of our heavenly Father, and it so saddens me that so many in God’s family cast it aside as worthless. I wish I could move into one of the new homes in the Villages of Hallelujah Acres. It would be so wonderful. My husband is acutely ill but tells me I am crazy when I approach him about changing his diet. I feel responsible to help him, but he refuses my help. Thankfully there are a few in the medical community who are beginning to promote your healthy diet and lifestyle. May God help us Christians and our nation to turn back to doing things God’s Way!” Karen K., Burien, Washington

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