Is Grass-Fed Beef Okay To Include In a Cancer Diet?

Is Grass-Fed Beef Okay To Include In a Cancer Diet?

Emily from Nebraska is recovering from cancer surgery and wants to know if eating grass-fed beef will make a difference. Rev. Malkmus clears up the confusion.
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Dr. Malkmus, In January of this year I had a 1-inch cancerous tumor removed from my colon along with 12 lymph nodes, one of which was cancerous…We were told that they probably did get all of the cancer and ordered a CAT scan which showed nothing, but said that didn’t necessarily mean I was clear of cancer. At that point we decided to change my diet to a vegan diet until I could find a source of organic grass-fed beef. We have bought a Norwalk press, a Vita-Mix blender, and a rebounder. I have read many books and must say that I am actually confused about the meat factor. Right now I find myself eating very little animal protein…I tell you all this because I am concerned about my diet and need some nutritional advice. Emily A., Nebraska
Rev. Malkmus Responds I appreciate your email and you seeking advice from Hallelujah Acres. Emily, this is a matter of great concern if one desires to recover from or prevent cancer. Our research reveals that it doesn’t matter if the animal source foods are organic or not – its impact on cancer is the same. Organic animal sourced foods feed cancer in the same way as commercially produced does. Let me help clear up some confusion regarding animal source foods. The protein and fats found in animal source foods (both meat and dairy) are the primary cause of most diseases – especially cancer. We believe that it is imperative that all meat and dairy be eliminated if one wants to support the body’s innate self-healing. Dr. T. Colin Campbell found he could turn cancer growth on and off by simply varying the amount of animal protein in the diet of lab animals. Dr. Campbell’s book, The China Study is an excellent reference as to the roll diet plays in disease development. The study includes almost 50 years of research on the relationship between diet and disease. About This Reponse
Hallelujah Acres is a Christian ministry teaching a diet and lifestyle based upon the Biblical principles found in Genesis 1:29. Our goal is to offer general information that will allow a person to make informed decisions as they take control of their own health. We are not medical doctors and thus cannot diagnose or prescribe treatment for any disease. We believe and teach that God has placed within each of us self-healing and that when provided conditions conducive to healing, the body will in most instances heal itself. You can read testimonies of over 100 different physical problems from which people tell us they have recovered after adopting the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle on our website at

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