If National Health Care Is Not The Answer, What Is?

If National Health Care Is Not The Answer, What Is?

Health insurance can lead you down the path of least resistance — a path laden with immune-destroying treatment options! Rev. Malkmus suggests an alternate route.
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In last week’s Health Tip, titled “Health Insurance – Dangerous to Your Health”, we talked about cancer and what makes it possible for cancer to develop in the first place – which we learned to be a poorly functioning immune system. We also learned that having health insurance does not in any way prevent a person from developing cancer or any other illness, but actually contributes to a person developing these problems as well as hindering recovery from them. BUT YOU ASK: “How can health insurance contribute to a person developing cancer or any other illness, or hinder recovery?” THE ANSWER: When the cost of medical treatment is paid for by someone other than the individual experiencing the illness, it makes it financially possible for that individual to run to the doctor or emergency room at the first sign of ill health. Because they have health insurance to pay the bill, rather than stopping and asking themselves, “what have I done wrong that is causing these symptoms of ill health”, or “what is my body trying to tell me”, and then seeking to correct the underlying cause of their ill health, they run to the doctor. By running to the doctor, they are relinquishing responsibility for their health, just the way society has programmed them to do. Then they are given a prescription (drug) designed to subdue the symptom, but not cure the problem. Drugs never cure the physical problem! Worse yet, they turn off the body’s cry for help by shutting off the body’s alarm signal. By taking a drug that shuts off the body’s warning signal, they are ignoring the underlying problem that initiated the symptom. The Drugs Of Modern Medicine This approach to a physical problem (an approach incapable of ever curing the problem) makes a person dependent on drugs to suppress the symptom of the problem for the rest of their life. Here’s proof that drugs do not heal physical and psychological problems:
  • If they were to ever go off the drug, the symptom would return. That is why when a person learns how dangerous to their health a certain drug is, and goes to a doctor requesting to be taken off the drug, the doctor will usually tell them they will have to remain on that drug for the rest of their life.
  • The drugging of the body contributes to a never ending downward spiral of ill health until a worse symptom appears, when the same procedure is repeated – ever more drugs being prescribed without the problem being cured. Some people are on dozens of different drugs, yet never see the problem go away or their health restored.
  • All drugs are poisons and toxic when placed into the body. Some are extremely toxic, and all have negative side-effects. Both prescribed and over-the-counter drugs have the potential of weakening an already impaired immune system; the very system God provided to protect us from germs, viruses, bacteria, and yes, cancer.
Once a person is diagnosed with cancer, health insurance makes it financially possible for a person to pursue the medical modalities of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery – modalities that have the potential of destroying the immune system. In fact, chemotherapy can actually cause cancer in a non-cancerous person! These medical modalities are extremely expensive, and beyond the financial ability of the average citizen to pay for. Were it not for this ability to neglect one’s responsibility for their own health by turning the care (such as it is) over to modern medicine, they would be forced to seek advice to support their body’s own healing efforts. But with health insurance, paid for collectively by others who pay for their health insurance, they can afford these medical modalities that further weaken or destroy their already weakened immune system. And by the way, when government provides health insurance for those who cannot afford it (as it does in National Health Care), it is not government who pays for it. Rather the monies are taken by government in the form of taxes from those who pay taxes. Government has no monies to spend on health care (or anything else for that matter) but those they first take from taxpaying citizens. In effect, those who pay taxes are forced to pay the cost of health care not only for themselves, but also for those who cannot afford to pay for it. It is projected that by 2020, half of all those who receive health insurance will have it paid for by taxpaying citizens. These medical modalities further weaken the immune systems of the poor and in many instances create cancer and other physical breakdowns. This traps the poor in a health destroying medical system, a system that is not designed to heal anyone of anything. Following is what we are currently paying for health care in America and where costs are projected to be in less than 10 years: Current Health Costs Projected To Double NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The U.S. government will foot the bill for half of all health care costs in the United States by 2020, according to a government report released Thursday. That’s up from 44% just two years ago, and reflects both the rising cost of health care and the fact that millions more people will have access to it under health reform, said the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Total health care spending is expected to nearly double from $2.6 trillion in 2010 to $4.6 trillion in 2020. Health care spending per capita is forecast to increase from $8,327 in 2010, to $13,708 in 2020 the report said.http://money.cnn.com/2011/07/28/news/economy/healthcare_spending_forecast/index.htm If National Health Care Is Not The Answer, What Is? Most people do not realize that a person without health insurance (and unable to afford these medical modalities), has a much greater chance of recovering from cancer as well as most other physical problems than the person with Health Insurance! Why? Because not having Health Insurance forces a person to take responsibility for their own health. Those with all the money in the world (Hollywood stars for example), able to afford all the medical community has to offer, fare no better in their recovery than the poorest person with health insurance. Why? Because modern medicine (and most Americans) fails to realize or acknowledge, that“The Only Answer to Cancer (and most other physical problems) is – A Strong Immune System.” An immune system capable of carrying out innate self-healing as God designed! Regarding government controlled health care, teaching the American people prevention should be the direction government should take with tax dollars – not treating symptoms which can never restore health. Have you ever noticed that once a person has received a round of chemotherapy, the doctors will stop the administration of chemotherapy for a period of time? They do this to allow the immune system to recover sufficiently — only to knock it down again with another round! This is ludicrous! What Does God Have To Say About This Approach? No wonder the Bible says “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God,”(Corinthians 3:19) and “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6) Do you realize that modern medicine, with its trillions of dollars is not obtaining any better results dealing with physical problems than the physicians did in the time of Jesus over 2,000 years ago? “And a certain woman, which had an issue of blood twelve years, And had suffered man things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse.” (Mark 5:25-26) Notice my friend that this woman “had SPENT ALL THAT SHE HAD, and was NOTHING BETTER, but rather GREW WORSE.” The only solution to America’s health problem is to teach people how, through proper diet and lifestyle, to take control of, and be responsible for their own health. Possessing health insurance has never, nor will it ever bring health to anyone! Sadly, health insurance is a huge political issue because the people are clamoring for government to be responsible for their physical problems. This is where understanding the purpose of the immune system comes into play. A weakened immune system allows cancer (and most other physical breakdowns) to develop, while a strengthened immune system can prevent cancer (and most other physical problems) from ever developing. A Different Approach The problem with the current medical approach to cancer (and most other physical problems) is that it does not deal with the root cause of the problem. It only deals with symptoms. Cancer is not caused by a deficiency in chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. Cancer is caused by a weakened immune system that allows the cancer to develop and grow. Rather than fighting the cancer with these toxic and immune-suppressing, immune-destroying modalities, we should pay attention to the alarm! A cancer diagnosis is an alarm message our body is sending us. The message is to strengthen our immune system so that the body’s self-healing abilities can be strengthened and re-enforced. When we take control of our own health by a changed diet and lifestyle that will rebuild our ineffectual immune system, our bodies can usually restore our health without having to do anything else. Cancer (as well as most other physical problems) only manifests as a result of a weakened and poorly functioning immune system. Sadly, in spite of the huge number of dollars Americans have provided the medical and scientific communities for many years now, mortality rates from cancer have not decreased in over 50 years. In fact, they have increased! I was in a church recently that had a prayer request sheet handed out in Sunday School, and on it was a long column under the heading “cancer”, listing all the people in that church who had and were dealing with cancer. Just listen to the prayer requests in your own church each week. It’s proof that health insurance isn’t winning the war on cancer. Chemotherapy further weakens an already weakened immune system, allowing cancer to spread and become more aggressive. They call this spreading of cancer “metastasis.” Radiation destroys not only cancer cells but good cells. This also contributes to the spread of cancer. Surgery, while in certain circumstances can be helpful, often leads to an explosion of cancer cells because the surgery can release cancer cells that would have remained locked up within the tumor! Cancer surgery often involves the removal of lymph nodes, which are a part of the immune system, further weakening an already weak immune system. God Designed Our Bodies For Health God designed our bodies for health, not for sickness and cancer. When the body is nourished the way God intended and as He prescribes in Genesis 1:29, the immune system remains strong and protective, and the body remains healthy. When a weakened immune system is strengthened with nutrients found only in Genesis 1:29 foods and especially in the concentrated nutrients found in raw vegetable juices, the body will always seek to restore health by rebuilding the immune system. Mankind has survived very well for some 6,000 years without health insurance. My grandparents never had health insurance, never went to the doctor, never took drugs, and yet they remained healthy right up until their death at a ripe old age. Without health insurance, they both outlived my mother (who had health insurance) by nearly 20 years. Is there not a lesson to be learned here? God designed our bodies to survive, repair, regenerate, and to restore itself to wellness when the natural laws He established are observed. Cancer, as well as most every other physical problem man experiences, is caused by our failure to observe these natural laws that God has established. Editor’s Note I had fully intended on sharing how one can rebuild their immune system in this Health Tip, but got carried away with the thought of how dangerous it is to possess health insurance! If health insurance is not the answer to cancer —and a rebuilt immune system is — we begin to understand why it is imperative we each make sure we have a strong immune system. If we don’t, we will experience ill health and throw our body wide open for a potential cancer or other disease. Next week I will, I promise (Lord willing of course and if the creeks don’t rise too high), share how to rebuild and maintain a strong immune system.

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