I Don't Want Rev. Malkmus To Get In Trouble With God!

I Don't Want Rev. Malkmus To Get In Trouble With God!

Is it proper food that does the healing? Is it our self-healing bodies? And where does God's power fit into it all?
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“Please tell Rev. Malkmus that I really appreciate his encouragement for healthy living. I’m sure he knows that God can and does heal miraculously without special diets. I know of several instances where this has happened. In his talks and writings maybe he does include this fact. However, it is good for people to know that God is Almighty and powerful and we should acknowledge that along with encouraging healthy living. Please pass this info along to him. I don’t want Rev. Malkmus to get in trouble with God by not giving God the honor due Him for His greatness. We can do our best to live healthfully but it is good to put more emphasis on the power of our awesome heavenly Father to heal.” Kay S.

Editor Responds

Hi Kay, Thank you so much for writing and for your kind and encouraging words. And I agree with you that God is capable of and does sometimes heal miraculously – but not very often. I say “not very often” as evidenced by the numerous prayers for healing that go unanswered following abundant prayer within our churches. If we were only more successful in getting Christians to change their diets and eat the foods God told them they should eat in Genesis 1:29, they wouldn’t have to experience all the physical problems they ask God to heal them from. Sadly, too many Christians, when they get sick, want God to miraculously heal them without any participation on their part. The Bible tells us in Galatians 6:7 that we are going to reap what we sow! God’s law of sowing and reaping works positively when we eat correctly and negatively when we eat incorrectly — Christian or non-Christian alike. I do not believe that God designed us to get sick in the first place. When we do get sick it is the result of not obeying God’s instructions as to how we should nourish the bodies He created. He gave us clear instructions as to what foods we should nourish our bodies with, in the very first chapter of the Bible – In Genesis 1:29. Clear evidence that we reap what we sow is revealed when a person gets well when they change their diet from the "world’s SAD diet” to “GOD’s Genesis 1:29 diet." I further believe that all healing comes from God. It is a combination of the healing power God placed in the foods we eat and the healing power within our own bodies — both of which He created. For sure Kay, we at Hallelujah Acres do not leave God out of the healing equation. A careful review of my writings will reveal that it is to God I give all the glory when a sick Christian gets well from eating GOD’s diet.

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