"I Can Sing Again — Hallelujah!"

"I Can Sing Again — Hallelujah!"

Testimonies are what keep me going at age 80, long after the average retirement age of 65. So please keep sending me those testimonies! You can send testimonies to me here.
“Dear Dr. Malkmus, thank you for your Health Tips. I appreciate all that you do to help improve the health of God’s people. I read everything you write with great interest. I have been a vegetarian for years but it has only been in the past six months I have gone mostly raw on your 85% raw 15% cooked Hallelujah Diet. I had a tumor on the side of my neck which affected my vocal cords. The doctors wanted to remove the tumor surgically. They also wanted to remove the vocal cord nerve and the thyroid. I refused all surgery and the radiation treatments they wanted to give me and instead I went on a strict vegan Hallelujah Diet. I drink two liters of carrot juice every day along with some green leafy vegetable juices. The tumor has shrunk to a fraction of its original size and I have my voice back. I can even sing again. I praise the Lord for that! He is so good to us! If only people would listen to what you and Hallelujah Acres are sharing, they could help answer the prayers they are praying for healing. Please keep up the good work you are doing. Your life and lifestyle is an example for each of us – including my husband, our son, and especially me. I got well because I obeyed the Lord and followed the advice He showed me. I’m just really grateful for everything He has done for me.” ~ Margrit J.
“I am happy to report that I have been on the Hallelujah Diet for nearly two weeks now and things are going very well. Your website is very informative and I am enjoying the "60 Days to a Hallelujah Waistline" videos, the recipes and advice. Thank you for the uplifting and motivation provided on your website.” ~ Lisa C.
“I feel I should call you PASTOR George, because I have been reading your information for about 2 years now and feel like I know you very well. I have done a little juicing before but I have never been committed to a totally new eating plan. This year something is different. I have not only re-committed my life to Jesus, but I have committed my body to Him as a Temple of the Holy Spirit. My dad died when he was 44 years of age with a heart attack. I am now 53, and very short of breath, and have no energy, while my stomach constantly burns and I am hypoglycemic. NOW IS THE TIME for me to commit to finally being healthy. I am on day 3 of the Hallelujah Diet as I write this. Thanks to the recipes online, I feel like I am eating better than I ever have before. Before adopting the Hallelujah Diet I was a chronic drinker of coffee and diet soda. I am going on this new way of life cold turkey. Please pray for my success! I am committing to this new way of eating for life – not just 21 days. God Bless you for all you do. God has used you to save many lives.” ~ Jim W., Mineral, VA

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