Hallelujah Acres Introduces a New Juicer – The “Hurom”

Hallelujah Acres Introduces a New Juicer – The “Hurom”

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Ever since being told I had colon cancer in 1976, and was encouraged by Evangelist Lester Roloff to change what I ate, and to drink a lot of vegetable juice, I have been juicing daily. To this current day, Rhonda and I juice at least a 25-pound bag of organic California carrots plus other veggies weekly. The reason I continue to juice vegetables daily is because less than a year after changing my diet and drinking one to two quarts of vegetable juice daily, my cancer was gone, and without any help from drugs. Because of what I have learned about the importance of drinking vegetable juices and not wanting my cancer to return, I have continued to drink vegetable juices daily for the past 34 years. During these many years of juicing, I have had a fascination for juicers. Whenever a new juicer came on the market, I had to have one so that I could compare it with the other juicers I had tested. Some of those tested were immediately rejected as inferior. Others gained my interest, some my respect, but just a few get my recommendation. I remember way back in 1978, while lecturing at the Shangri-La Health Resort in Bonita Springs, Florida, I was comparing the different juicers on the market and telling why I didn’t like a particular centrifugal juicer, not realizing the owner of the company that made that particular juicer was in the room. Obviously he didn’t appreciate what I had to say about his machine, but what I had shared was the truth. Through the years I have had in my kitchen the following juicers: A manual Wheat Grass Juicer, Acme, Juiceman II, Jack LaLanne, Omega, Green Power, Green Star, Champion, and Norwalk Press, just to name a few. So when it comes to juicers you can see that I have had a little experience with juicers through the years. But there has never been a juicer come into my kitchen, that the first time I used it, I was as excited as when I saw and tested the “Hurom” juicer. After giving away most of the juicers that have come my way through the years, we still have in our pantry or kitchen a Norwalk, a Green Star, a Champion, and now excitedly, a “Hurom”. Let me take a few minutes to share a little about juicing and what I have learned about the various juicers and why I recommend only a few of the many dozens of juicers on the market today: THE PURPOSE OF JUICING According to Dr. Kirschner, M.D. in his book Raw Food Juices (out of print), we learn that when we eat a whole raw carrot and send it through the digestive system, we use a lot of energy separating out the pulp and fiber from the juice, while the digestive process itself causes the loss of over 65% of the nutrients. (Few people realize that the body cannot utilize the fiber part of food, but only the juice contained within those fibers.) However, if we run a carrot through a juicing machine before placing it into our mouth, the machine does the work of the digestive system by separating out the pulp and fiber before the carrot enters the body. When we drink this juice, because it contains no fiber, it has no need to go through the digestive process, because now it can go directly to cellular level almost intravenously. And the percentage of nutrients that reach cellular level when we drink the juice without the fiber is approximately 92%, compared to less than 35% when we leave the fiber in the juice or eat the whole carrot. THE PROBLEM WITH CENTRIFUGAL JUICERS Raw vegetable juice is very susceptible to oxidation. If you were to place apple slices on a table you would see them quickly turn brown – that’s oxidation. That means the loss of nutrients. A centrifugal juicer spins a basket at thousands of RPM’s and flings the juice through the air, bombarding it with oxygen, thus causing oxidation. If a person is dealing with a serious physical problem, I discourage the use of a centrifugal juicer. CHAMPION AND GREEN STAR JUICERS For many years Hallelujah Acres has been promoting the Champion and Green Star Juicers. They are both superior machines. The Champion is a workhorse. Through the years, a number of people have shared with me that they have been using their Champion every day for over 20 years and it was still running. The twin-gear Green Star has been a wonderful machine, because it doesn’t introduce any oxygen into the juice. Rather it presses the juice out of the veggies without ripping open the cells of the food with knife blades. It also does an excellent job juicing leafy greens which most other juicers have difficulty doing. The Champion and Green Star are unique in that they not only do an excellent job at juicing, but can also make nut butters and soft frozen fruit desserts. So we are still going to recommend the Champion and Green Star, but we are also going to add, because of my personal use and evaluation, a new juicer to our line of juicers recommended here at Hallelujah Acres – the “Hurom”. HERE ARE JUST A FEW REASON WHY I RECOMMEND THE “HUROM” JUICER:
  1. It has the tiniest footprint on the kitchen counter of all the non-centrifugal juicers.
  2. It has a carrying handle and is lighter in weight than many.
  3. It does not spin a basket nor does it shred the vegetable with knife blades.
  4. It juices leafy greens and even grasses without foam.
  5. It extracts more juice than most juicers, leaving a very dry pulp
  6. It does not introduce oxygen into the juice, thus practically no oxidation.
  7. The juice has a superior taste.
  8. It’s so easy to use it makes juicing easy and, believe it or not, FUN!
  9. It has fewer parts and is easier to clean than most juicers.
  10. It is the quietist juicer I have ever used.
  11. It is built to last and carries a 10-year warranty
But the feature I like the best and the one I believe will be appreciated especially by those who do not have a lot of strength, is that you do not have to physically push the food into the machine. Rather, you simply drop the food into a giant auger that pulls the food into the machine and then presses the juice out of the fruit or vegetable. I must say it is the easiest juicer I have ever had the privilege of using, and the first juicer I have ever used that I actually look forward to my next juicing session. Hallelujah Acres has recently received its first shipment of these juicers and we are proud to make them available to our friends. For more information and pricing visit our online store or call 1-800-915-9355.

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