How To Share The Hallelujah Diet

How To Share The Hallelujah Diet

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Having a hard time convincing your friends to try The Hallelujah Diet? Here’s a list of cold, hard facts that can help you explain why it works.
  • The more fruits and veggies we consume, the less likely we are to suffer from heart disease and cancer.
  • The USA ranks 50th for life expectancy compared to other countries. (CIA. The World Factbook.)
  • The projected lifespan of the next generation will be shorter than their parents' generation.
  • Health care costs in the United States in 2010 were 10 times what they were in 1980, and most of the chronic diseases being treated have a diet-related cause.
  • There are more than 1,500 studies that link dairy and animal products to heart attacks and cancer — that's more proof than the link between smoking and lung cancer.
  • Why humans are not designed to eat meat: a carnivore's digestive tract is short and straight and has strong stomach acid; a human's digestive tract is 30 feet of bends and twists, and our stomach acid is only 10% as potent as a carnivore's.
  • Food without enzymes (cooked or processed in any way) forces the body to use its own enzymes and to involve the immune system to help in digestion, making you vulnerable to illness.
  • Per calorie, broccoli has twice the protein of steak.
  • Per calorie, romaine lettuce has 11 times the iron of steak.
  • Per calorie, kale has 204 times the calcium of steak.
  • Living enzymes, found only in raw foods, are the catalyst for all chemical changes in your body, including digestion, breathing, and even thinking.
  • Raw, plant-based foods are filled with nutrients perfectly matched to the needs of your immune system; they not only equip your body to stop the damage of disease, but restore what was lost so that your body can reverse disease.
  • Fresh vegetable juicing is the best source of high quality, usable nutrition for your body, so your cells can revitalize weakened organs by creating new, healthier cells.
  • By enabling your body to create superior cells, juicing helps you prevent disease and may even reverse it.
  • All disease, from the common cold to cancer, is simply cell malfunction, which is created when we eat food high in calories and toxins and deficient in nutrients.
Did you know that we have a FREE, 32-page Healthy Living Guide devoted to explaining the basics of The Hallelujah Diet? Order one (or several) for your friends — click here to get yours. How do you explain The Hallelujah Diet to friends and family?

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