How Rev. Malkmus' Seminar Saved My Son's Life!

How Rev. Malkmus' Seminar Saved My Son's Life!

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The highlight of each of my "God's Way to Ultimate Health" seminars that I have given for the past 20-plus years is the time allotted for testimonies from those in attendance. When I was in Tampa, FL a few weeks ago a testimony was shared that was so powerful I asked that they send me that testimony so I could share it with you...
“Hello Rev. Malkmus, It was great to hear you speak again and I appreciate your life and what you are doing. I hope to help others regain their health as you have been doing for so long. We have experienced so much and I have researched tons regarding cancer and how to cure it by alternate means. I have studied chemotherapy drugs and particularly their numerous side effects. Because we decided against treatments a year ago, we have been in meetings with doctors, law enforcement, attorney generals and state representatives because we had been turned in for child abuse by the hospital. Recently they dropped the charges for which we praise the Lord. Thank you for the information you shared in your seminar when we attended it a year ago that saved my son’s life.” ~ Cory R., Florida

Cory's Testimony

Before I begin our testimony, I’d like to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for blessing my husband and me with His wisdom, discernment, direction and guidance throughout this journey. It’s to Him we give ALL the glory! December 8th, 2012 is a date that will forever be etched in our memory. It was a normal Saturday morning. My husband was gearing up for a golf outing for the day and my 13-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter were going to run errands with me. The sun was shining brightly and the weather was perfect. I had no idea what the hours ahead would unfold. My son started complaining about feeling ‘achy’ and ‘tired’. I just figured it was possibly flu symptoms. After our first stop, he started throwing up and acting lethargic; he was acting so strange. After multiple stops so he could throw up, we headed home. As we drove home, his throwing up turned into dry heaves, which led to slurred words and sluggishness. I later described to the doctors that he appeared ‘drunk’. That was the only description I could come up with and it terrified me. So we took him to the hospital’s emergency room. A ‘CT’ scan revealed a ‘mass’ on his brain. As I sat in disbelief, the room began spinning and as my 10-year-old daughter sitting beside me watched my response – all I could do was pray. An ambulance ride to a bigger, more specialized hospital, along with a 3-hour MRI that evening, confirmed our greatest fears – a tumor in his brain. Our 13-year-old son, the one we’ve protected, loved, nurtured, trained up in the Lord, now was going to face something most kids his age will never face. Lord Jesus, help us! Fluid was building up in his brain, so immediate surgery to relieve the pressure was what the doctors asked us permission to perform. We told the doctors that we’d pray about the surgery through the night and decide in the morning. After much prayer and conversing with our son, we all decided to go through with the surgery. Looking back at the months leading up to this day, our son had experienced occasional migraines, but never in a million years did we think it was because of a brain tumor. The surgery was successful, and the doctors said they were able to remove 100% of the tumor. Praise the Lord! BUT – the tumor was malignant. Not only did we have to go through brain surgery, but the tumor itself was cancerous. That is a term a parent never wants to hear. We were in the hospital for a week and every day, 5 or 6 times a day, we were bombarded with ‘specialists’ and ‘oncologists’ wanting to do more tests on Jordan. But we declined by saying ‘we needed to wait on the Lord for direction’. The doctors didn’t like that, so they started using scare tactics. One doctor kept saying its Stage 4 and he will die without treatments. We kept saying we were waiting on the Lord for direction. My husband and I had much discernment with what was going on – we knew there had to be a better, more natural way. After we arrived home from the hospital they continued to call to set up appointments with us that we didn’t request. A treatment plan of 6 weeks of radiation and 6 months of chemotherapy did not sit well with us. It was very unsettling for us as we listened to the near endless list of side effects to these recommended treatments. We began researching different options of alternative treatments and 3 different people, unrelated to each other, told us to check out Hallelujah Acres. So in my research, I learned that there was an upcoming seminar a few weeks away, that not only was just 10 minutes from our home, but the founder Rev. Malkmus was going to be speaking. We knew we had to go. So the 4 of us hopped in the car that Saturday morning with open minds and hearts. The seminar was excellent and we walked away filled with hope and peace. After that seminar, it was clear to us that the Hallelujah Diet was what our son needed. It made complete sense to my husband and me, and even our 13 year old son and 10 year old daughter understood what we needed to do. When we first learned of the Hallelujah Diet we immediately eliminated all animal products, all processed foods, and all sugar from our son’s diet. After the seminar we purchased a few fantastic recipe books which have been a great blessing to us. I didn’t realize how easy a plant-based, raw food diet would be but it took some time to adjust, like anything new. The whole family adopted the Hallelujah Diet, and as a bonus we were all improving our health and building our immune system the way God intended. Unfortunately, the hospital did not appreciate the fact that we weren’t succumbing to their treatments. We had never refused treatments, we just always said we were praying about it and were waiting on the Lord. One day a phone call from the Sheriff’s Department revealed that we had been turned in for ‘child abuse’. We couldn’t believe what was happening. After a lengthy meeting a month later, including state representatives, child protection representatives, attorney general representatives, hospital representatives, and oncologists, we sat in disbelief that the hospital was trying to push their agenda by forcing our son into taking treatments. What happened to our parental freedoms?
We believe we have the right to choose what is best for our son! Aren’t we still flying the red, white and blue flag of freedom?!
After much prayer and endless emotions on this whole journey, we are so grateful to be able to say that our case was closed in July because of the excellent health our son was experiencing. It’s been a year since Jordan’s surgery and on the Hallelujah Diet his recovery has been remarkable! Within one month of the surgery he was back in school and playing basketball six weeks after surgery. He took on the Hallelujah Diet like a champ and has been dubbed ‘our hero’ in our household, along with many others who have been inspired by this healthy, happy young man. We had him on the Hallelujah Acres Recovery Diet for the first 7 to 8 months, and he faced this new lifestyle change better than I could have ever imagined. As he sat next to kids at school eating pizza and chicken nuggets, he sat and ate his salad with lots of raw veggies and homemade dressing, along with a small cooked portion each lunch time. What dedication and what an incredible testimony for such a young man. We are so proud of him. Since his first diagnosis and the surgery, he has had 2 clear MRI’s. We are so grateful and thankful to the Lord for giving us the knowledge and wisdom to make the right choice. The medical doctors and medical community pushed and they pushed hard, but we knew their path was not the path the Lord wanted us to follow. It’s been an emotional roller coaster but so much good has come out of it. Our eyes have been opened to a whole new world – a world of optimal health through diet and lifestyle! This is the way God intended to eat from the beginning and we are thrilled to be able to share this good news with others in hopes of inspiring others that may face the same situation we did on that unforgettable day in December 2012 when our son was first diagnosed with brain cancer.

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