After being referred to an arthritis specialist, JJ has some questions about how to treat the condition without drugs.
“Rev. Malkmus, I was just diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I turned 40 years old last month. I will be going to a rheumatoid arthritis specialist soon and was wondering what questions I should ask the doctor. I have not been on prescription medications for over five years. I understand that with rheumatoid arthritis prescriptions are normal but what should I do if the doctor prescribes one, especially a steroid? Though a nurse, I am not trained in treatment and diagnosis of this condition, but want to go the ‘natural’ alternative way as much as possible.” JJ

Editor Responds

Hi JJ, First let me be clear, I am not a medical doctor and therefore cannot diagnose or offer treatment advice for a medical condition. Sadly, doctors are trained to treat symptoms rather than the cause of the physical problem a person is experiencing. Here at Hallelujah Acres we teach people that rather than trying to remove the symptom with some drug or surgery, a far better approach is to address the underlying cause of the symptom that allowed the medical condition to develop in the first place. I have received tens-of-thousands of letters from folks reporting that their bodies healed themselves when they eliminated the cause factor (which is usually a bad diet and lack of exercise) and began nourishing the body with a primarily raw, living, plant-based diet, an abundance of freshly extracted vegetable juices, and a regular exercise routine. While I cannot tell anyone what to do to treat rheumatoid arthritis, I can tell you what my wife Rhonda experienced. After adopting The Hallelujah Diet in 1991 at the age of 46 (after suffering for 10 years with debilitating rheumatoid arthritis), all arthritic symptoms were gone, and she had lost 85 pounds — all within a year. She has enjoyed The Hallelujah Diet for 20 years now and has not experienced any arthritic flair ups of any kind! Today she is a physically active senior with no sign of rheumatoid arthritis. Currently Rhonda (age 66) and I (age 77) power walk at least four miles daily and carry on a very active lifestyle. JJ, may the Lord grant you great wisdom as you consider the options available to you!

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