Healthy Attendance Over 4th of July Weekend

Healthy Attendance Over 4th of July Weekend

Folks came from 16 different states and several countries including Argentina and Nigeria for this weekend's for seminar and classes. Next month, make your own plans to attend on August 5th & 6th!
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Nearly 200 people chose to spend their holiday weekend with Hallelujah Acres this month. They came from 16 different states and even as far away as Nigeria, Africa! The weekend started with Rhonda's Culinary Class on Friday night. She prepared 10 different recipes. The main dish was her famous "Raw Dawgs." They taste and look like the traditional 4th of July indulgence, but are made with 100% plant-based ingredients! On Saturday, we met a couple from Indiana who had just learned about Hallelujah Acres the day before and flew in to join us. They were still on their honeymoon! The husband farms some 5,000 commercial acres of crop and is concerned about all the toxic chemicals used in today's farming. They want to adopt the Hallelujah Diet as they set up their new home and even registered for this week's Health Minister Training. We had at least a half a dozen folks in attendance who were dealing with cancer. One was a Baptist Evangelist here with his wife who was recently diagnosed with cancer and did not want to receive conventional treatments. Another was a registered nurse and mother of two, who was there with her husband, mom and husband’s mom. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments for her cancer and was bald. She gave testimony that her family was attending the seminar with her in order to support her as she embarks on the Hallelujah Diet. And then there were the incredible testimonies shared. This is always my favorite part of the seminar as dozens share how their health improved following their adoption of the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle. These testimonies would make a believer out of anyone attending for the first time. Folks told of cancers simply disappearing, diabetic symptoms reversing, a heart transplant no longer needed, high blood pressure and cholesterol normalizing with no more need for drugs. Several reported weight loss of over 100 pounds each along with numerous other physical problems that simply disappeared after making this simple dietary change. About 50 people also attended our famous “Where Do I Go from Here” class following my seminar. Many of those in that class were in attendance at all three events, for what we call a “Hallelujah Weekend.” Our next “Hallelujah Weekend” is scheduled for August 5th and 6th and it's not too early to register. Each month there are those who come by car, van and bus load from various churches. Some even fly into the Charlotte, NC airport to attend. We’re looking forward to a great Hallelujah Weekend in August and would love to have you join us! Attending could change or save your life! More Info:

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