Health Ministers Spread The Message Worldwide

Health Ministers Spread The Message Worldwide

From South Africa to Australia, people all over the world have a passion to share the Hallelujah message of hope and healing! Check out this week's amazing stories of recovery!
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We receive letters regularly from previously trained Health Ministers and from those interested in becoming Health Ministers. These letters come from around the world! It is so thrilling to know that the Hallelujah Acres health message is not only going forth across the United States, but literally around the world.
“Hi George, I read with interest your update on Health Minister Training #68. I attended Health Minister Training there in Shelby in July 2008 and continue to share what I learned. I am a Baptist Missionary here in South Africa. It is interesting to note that at your recent Health Minister Training there was a big contingent of new Health Ministers from Nigeria. I know you have also trained many Health Ministers from Kenya and South Africa. I would just like to share what I have observed after working in Africa for 24 years, that these three nations, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa are the most developed nations in the sub-Saharan Africa, with the most robust, diversified economies and the highest overall standard of living, and sadly the most ‘westernized’. With the culture/economy change, has come access to many fast foods and convenience foods – foods similar to the Standard American Diet. Interestingly, in rural Africa if they have access to land on which to farm and receive adequate calories, these people are rarely beset with the ills that plague our so-called ‘modern’ society. However, in Africa’s beautiful cities where they have access and the money to purchase animal flesh foods and lots of refined sugar, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are rife. Thankfully in the Christian community in these three nations, as a result of consuming all those toxic foods and the resulting increase in physical ills and the increase of prayer requests for all these ills, many Christians are desiring to return to the Garden Diet God gave us in Genesis 1:29. This awareness is why so many Christians from these three countries are now pursuing Health Minister Training. God bless you and Rhonda and your family. I love all the updates to the way you are communicating the Health Message there at Hallelujah Acres, and especially that I can now access the Hallelujah Acres Health News magazine online. Previous to it being available on-line, I had to wait till I came back to the states every couple of years to pick up the paper edition of the magazines a relative had kindly held for me.” Health Minister Meg H., Durban, South Africa
“Greetings Rev. Malkmus! I thank and praise God for your answering the call to minister health to others based upon God’s Genesis 1:29 diet. I replaced my animal flesh diet with a basically living plant based diet last month in preparation for beginning The Hallelujah Diet. After receiving the starter kit I had ordered, I read your book ‘The Hallelujah Diet’, replaced my kitchen appliances and groceries and began the diet. All I can say is ‘WOW’! Not long after beginning the diet I was delivered from food addiction and gluttony! HALLELUJAH! God had answered my prayers to free me of these food addictions. Anyhow, long story short, and after eliminating all animal sourced foods and sugar from my diet a month ago, I officially started The Hallelujah Diet with all the BarleyMax and other suggested supplements and am amazed at the results I am obtaining. I am an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) employed by a home health care agency working rotating shifts with special needs children. Working these high-tech cases is physically challenging since my patients have neurological deficits and multiple diagnosis. Most are dependent on care givers and can’t do anything for themselves. After being completely on The Hallelujah Diet I had so much energy and I credit The Hallelujah Diet for that energy. I am already sharing my experience with a dear friend and others, as I can’t help but be over zealous about your ministry. Recently, another friend asked me to help hold her accountable for a diet change that could hopefully cure the return of her breast cancer. She has survived traditional treatments for about a year, but now the cancer has returned. She doesn’t want to do anymore chemo and radiation because it failed to eliminate her cancer the first time. I am interested in becoming a Health Minister for Hallelujah Acres and am just waiting for my pastor to give me the go-ahead to share God’s health message in the church. Thank you so much for your commitment and dedication to discipleship Rev. Malkmus. May God continue to bless you, your wife and family and Hallelujah Acres.” Yoruba L.
“Hi George, I adopted The Hallelujah Diet around 1996 but backslid and went back to the SAD (Sad Australian Diet), but never forgot how excellent my health was while on The Hallelujah Diet. Recently I saw the movie ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’ which rekindled my wonderful experience on The Hallelujah Diet, and so we’re back onto mostly raw foods and juicing like crazy. Your ministry has helped so many more than you will ever know in this life, so keep up the great work God has called you to. I have a friend here in Adelaide that is very keen and is talking about becoming a Health Minister with Hallelujah Acres. He will probably be in contact with your people soon with regards coming to training.” Peter O., Adelaide, Australia

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