Health Minister Training A Great Success

Health Minister Training A Great Success

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Eighty-four were here at Hallelujah Acres for our 68th Health Minister training this past week. There was a physician (M.D.) here from Poland, two ladies from Nigeria, a missionary to Peru, a lady from Columbia, South America, a lady from the Philippines, while the rest had come from across America. I wish you could have been here to hear the testimonies these attendees shared on Wednesday morning as we kicked off the three days of training. There were a number of testimonies reporting cancers gone, along with all manner of other illnesses that had simply gone away after they had adopted the Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle. In fact, the medical doctor from Poland said that she had come to the training because she was frustrated with the results she was getting when using the standard cancer protocols of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. She came to learn more about the Hallelujah Diet and making it available to her patients as an alternative. Hearing the testimonies coming from those who had used the diet to eliminate their cancers was a huge encouragement to this medical doctor. By the way, she makes the 64th medical doctor to come through our Health Minister training. Our next Health Minister Training at Hallelujah Acres is in November. We also have 3 on-the-road trainings scheduled this Summer and Fall. Those will be in the Los Angeles, Chicago and Toronto areas. It’s not too early to register! Learn more about Health Minister Training.

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