Health Care Reform – Can It Lower Cost And Improve Health?

Health Care Reform – Can It Lower Cost And Improve Health?

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In recent weeks I have had a poll question on the blog: What Should Congress Do About Health Care Reform? At the time of this writing, over 600 have responded to that question. Here are the answers given: (1) Stop trying to fix Health Care: 57%, 346 Votes (2) Start over from scratch: 37%, 224 Votes (3) Pass current bill: 6%, 35 Votes If we take the first two responses and combine them, we learn that 94% oppose the current Health Care Reform bills being presented.

Does The “Reconciliation” Effort Make You Angry?

Recently, after more than a year of trying to pass a health bill, Washington is discussing “Reconciliation.” Reconciliation, sometimes called the “Nuclear Option”, is a rarely used legislative maneuver designed to resolve budget differences, but one that could also be used to push through a bill with a simple majority vote of 51%., posted a survey asking how people felt about using “Reconciliation” as the vehicle to carry the health care reform bill through Congress. Following are the responses received to their question: Are You Angry That The Administration Is Resorting To “Reconciliation?
  • Yes. This is outrageous! They’re using rules to bypass the clear voice of the people – 94% (131,891 votes)
  • Not sure, but if they have to resort to rules loopholes to pass a law, doesn’t that indicate that a lot of people oppose it? – 2% (2,362 votes)
  • No. Look, we need health care reform and we need it now. – 4% (4,999 votes)
In both poles, 94% expressed opposition to National Health Care. Other polls show the American people opposing National Health Care by smaller percentages; however every poll taken shows that 60% or more of the American people oppose National Health Care. Yet, in spite of this overwhelming objection by the citizens of these United States to the passage of the Health Care Reform bills before Congress, our leadership is obviously determined to pass Health Care Reform regardless of whether the people want it or not. Why would the President and Congress want to pass a Health Care Reform bill that the vast majority of the citizens say they do not want? Following are primary reasons he gives:
  1. Cover pre-existing conditions.
  2. Expand coverage to the uninsured.
  3. Lower premiums
  4. Reduce deficit
Let’s examine these reasons a little more closely to see if the proposed bill before Congress is capable of achieving the stated goals of HealthCare Reform.

If Passed – Will Health Care Reform Lower Costs?

Cutting cost is what you constantly hear coming forth as one of the main reasons to pass Health Care Reform. But let’s examine this for a moment and see whether Health Care Reform is capable of lowering costs: Cover Pre-Existing Conditions Of course, everyone who has a pre-existing condition wants that condition to be covered by their insurance policy. So why have insurance companies in the past not covered them? The answer is an easy one – high cost. Now it is not my intent here to hold the Insurance Industry totally blameless with regard to the high costs of Health Care and Health Insurance premiums, but there are two sides to the story. Let’s take a little closer look at what covering pre-existing conditions means to the Insurance Industry. Every service provided by the Insurance Industry requires sufficient income be received by the Industry to pay the costs of that service. If they are unable to take in sufficient monies to pay for the services offered, that industry will be unable to continue providing that service, and be forced out of business. The Insurance Industry has excluded pre-existing conditions from policies in the past for a reason – which is the extremely high risk involved in covering such conditions. The high-risk is the potential of having to pay out larger amounts of money for these pre-existing conditions than the premium charged takes in. So if a policy is to cover pre-existing conditions, and this coverage causes huge increases in cost, premiums must be increased to cover the additional cost. Thus they must raise premiums in order for the Insurance Company to stay in business. If Insurance Companies are forced to cover pre-existing conditions and not allowed to increase premiums, they will be forced out of business. This scenario would force all citizens into a National Health Care system – which will be government run – ultimately bringing about Socialized Health Care. How is it possible to lower costs if pre-existing conditions are covered under the Health Care Reform plan?

Expand Coverage to the Uninsured

We are being told that Health Care Reform must also be passed because there are some 50 million uninsured in the country. But upon a closer look and a little research, it becomes clear that this number includes illegals as well as those who do not want Health Insurance. The actual number of legal citizens who do not have and want health care is around 8 million. Now we are being told that under Health Care Reform, 30 million additional citizens will be covered. If this be true, how can you extend Health Care coverage to an additional 30 million citizens and at the same time lower health care cost? So, how will the Country pay for covering 30 million additional citizens? The Health Care Reform bill does not provide coverage for these 30 million people, or coverage of pre-existing conditions, for four to five years after the bill is passed. Taxes on individuals and businesses though will begin immediately after passage. The additional benefits will not pay out until after the additional monies have been collected for four to five years. The projected additional costs to cover these 30 million and pre-existing conditions is one trillion dollars. It is obvious that after the first year or two this would nearly double to two trillion dollars. If we are going to cover an additional 30 million people and provide coverage for pre-existing condition it can’t help but have a negative impact on the American economy if not destroy it all together. The only way to keep this from happening would be to ration health care. This could be accomplished by denying expensive services to the elderly or to another segment of the population. Medical Doctor Says Government Responsible For High Costs Rep. Paul Broun, R-Ga, a physician who serves on the House Science and Technology Committee and the House Homeland Security Committee had the following to say about Health Care Reform:
“Government intrusion into the system has caused a marked escalation in the price of health insurance, drugs in the drugstore, hospital bills and doctor bills – all healthcare costs are being forced upward in a very skyrocketing way because of government intrusion. The marketplace unencumbered by taxes and regulations is the best way to ensure the best quantity and quality of all healthcare services”
Anything Government Gives the People It Must First Take From the People There are no free lunches in life. Everything has a cost. Our country was so established that everyone was responsible for themselves. In more recent years we have been told that we are not only responsible for ourselves, but our neighbors also. Thus if neighbor doesn’t have something it is society’s responsibility to provide it. The only way our government can have the funds necessary to guarantee all who do not have or cannot afford health insurance to have it, is to take from those who have and give it to those who have not. This effort to take care of all citizens as well as cover the incredible waste of worthless spending and earmarks has resulted in debt that will be passed on to our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. That debt is increasing by the second. For a vivid picture of what this debt is and how rapidly it is increasing, visit US Debt Employers Will Drop Coverage of Employees If Bill Passes Under the proposed Health Care Reform plans, Employers who are currently providing Health Insurance coverage for their employees at a cost of approximately 15%, will be able to opt out of providing insurance coverage for their employees by paying an 8% annual tax to government for each employee. If employers can save almost half of the cost of providing coverage for their employers most will opt out covering employees, and employees will be forced into government run National Health Care plan. Also, under the proposed plan, young people between the ages of 18 and 35, most of whom are healthy and uninsured will be forced to purchase insurance or be fined $2,250 in the Senate version or 2.5% of their income in the House version. The reason the young people will be required to purchase insurance is to help keep the premiums lower for everyone else. In essence, the bill would require young healthy people to subsidize the older unhealthy people by paying for a service they will likely not have need of. Thus National Health Care penalizes the healthy person who takes care of their health at the expense of the unhealthy. This removes all incentive for a person to improve their health while actually rewarding those who do not take care of themselves. Where in the Constitution of the United States is the Federal Government given permission to mandate health insurance coverage and where in the Constitution is the government given permission to run health care?

If Passed – Will Health Care Reform Improve Health?

How can putting everyone into a system that has already proven to be a failure improve the health of the American people? The medical system that would be utilized if Health Care Reform were passed is not focused on healing people of their diseases. Sadly, most Americans are unaware that there is another way of dealing with their physical ills. That other way – that better way – is God’s way. What Does God’s Way Look Like? Simply stop putting into the body those substances that are causing the physical problems and start putting into the body those garden foods God told us we should consume in Genesis 1:29. The body will almost always heal itself of whatever the physical or even psychological problem is – without doctors, drugs, radiation, or surgery. Most who adopt this diet and lifestyle will never experience sickness ever again. Many years ago, this editor watched helplessly as medical doctors tried to stop the advance of mother’s colon cancer using such modalities as drugs, radiation, and surgeries. After much suffering, resulting from the use of these medical modalities, and after huge medical expense, mother died at the comparatively young age of 65. In 1976 came the devastating news that this editor had the same kind of cancer mother had suffered with and died as a result of. Because I had seen mother suffer so greatly at the hands of the medical community as they attempted to stop the growth of mother’s cancer, I refused all medical treatment, changed what I ate to a 100% raw plant based diet with lots of vegetable juices, and one year later my cancer was gone. A better way for our leadership to provide health for the American people would to spend a few million dollars teaching the citizens of the United States how to so nourish their bodies so that sickness will not manifest in the first place. If it does, symptoms will almost always simply go away. We call this “God’s Way”. We here at Hallelujah Acres know God Way is the only way to live in health. Therefore we invite President Obama and those in Congress to come to Hallelujah Acres to see firsthand how Americans can be set free from almost all physical and even psychological problems through a simple diet and lifestyle change. And if they don’t want to come to Hallelujah Acres, I am willing to go to Washington and bring with me dozens of others who have been healed of a myriad of physical problems on God’s Genesis 1:29 diet, including people who have recovered from terminal cancers, along with their medical records to prove recovery took place, after adopting God’s Way. What will be the cost to the citizens of this country if government makes this life changing and life saving information available to all citizens? Probably less than the current family spends on groceries. And concerning Health Insurance, ever since I learned that I could control my own health by controlling what I ate and drank, I stopped carrying Health Insurance. That’s right my friend. After learning I could control my health by simply controlling what I ate and drank in 1976, I stopped carrying Health Insurance. Not carrying Health Insurance these past 34 years has resulted in my saving $150,000 in Health Insurance premium costs for a Health Insurance policy I have had no need of for 34 years. Editor Note: This past week we had Health Minister training here at Hallelujah Acres. A couple from Canada said to me, “You folks in the United States need to pray that National Health Care does not pass Congress, because we in Canada have had this type of a Health Care system for many years and it is a disaster. If The United States adopts a similar system we will have nowhere to go to receive quality health care.”

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