Heal Thyself!

Heal Thyself!

Active participation in your healing is crucial! Here's how several people used their "works" to complement their "faith" in healing.
When a person goes to a doctor, they have faith that the doctor is going to be able to help them without any participation on their part. But the Bible tells us that “faith without works is dead.” When a person adopts The Hallelujah Diet they add works to their faith! These testimonies tell of the results a person obtains when they become an active participant in their own healing.
“Twelve years ago, after being diagnosed with cancer, I adopted The Hallelujah Diet and as a result of making such a simple diet and lifestyle change and without any medical treatments of any kind – I am today CANCER FREE and very healthy. Now here is something that I don’t understand: I have lost most of my friends because I stopped eating meat. Because I stopped eating meat they think I am ‘weird’. I find it so strange that if I had continued to eat meat and gone the traditional medical route of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery and died, they would not have thought of me as being ‘weird’. But because I used diet rather than traditional cancer treatments to rid myself of cancer, that makes me ‘weird’. Well praise God I don’t eat meat anymore and never will again. Five months ago my husband’s cousin who lived in Greensboro, North Carolina died after being diagnosed with Mad Cow Disease. Autopsy of the brain proved the diagnosis. It was a horrifying thing to watch. She suffered so greatly. Several others in the Greensboro area have recently died of Mad Cow Disease though it doesn’t get reported by the press. I praise God for giving me that revelation to stop eating meat 12 years ago. Because of that revelation and my obedience to that revelation I stopped eating meat, witnessed my cancer going away, and today I have no fear of ever developing Mad Cow Disease or cancer.” Sharon A., North Carolina
“My husband and I are on day 57 of the Hallelujah Acres “60 Days to a Hallelujah Waistline”, and doing the diet is getting easier with each passing day. My husband has already lost 20 pounds and four inches off his waist in less than 60 days. I haven’t lost as much weight, but have lost three inches off of my waist. We both feel so much better and my husband’s cholesterol and blood pressure numbers are continuing to improve. Can you say ‘HALLELUJAH’!” Michelle
“Dear Rev., Dr. Malkmus, I live in Sri Lanka. I read your book ‘Why Christians Get Sick’ and was much encouraged by its content. I as a layperson had come to similar conclusions about four years ago. I called it “The Genesis Diet” (Genesis 1:29) and recently had an article published in the Church paper ‘The Ceylon Churchman.’ (The article is copied below for ease of reference and also because it gives my testimony of what happened to me when I adopted the Genesis 1:29 diet). I would like to follow your example and try to get the Christian Churches to follow the teachings of your book as it explains the concept much more clearly than my article. We are a small Christian minority (7%) in Sri Lanka, a largely Buddhist country (Buddhists 72%, Hindus 14%, Muslims 7%), and therefore we could make a huge impact if most of the Christians followed your teachings as we would be so healthy that we would stand out from all the rest regarding health. I plan to give your book to Church leaders of various denominations to help them by making myself available to conduct cost-free seminars/workshops to demonstrate the truths set out in your book using my own body and very good state of fitness and health as a living testimony. ” Ranjit S. Retiree, Food & Agriculture Organization of the UN, Sri Lanka.
Here are some excerpts from Ranjit's article, “The Genesis Diet.”
“... What does the Bible say about what we should eat? I was surprised to find it in the very first chapter of the First book in the Bible – Genesis Chapter one verse 29. ... What led me to this verse was my research on diabetes and the realization that ‘The future of medicine is food.’ Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicine said ‘let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food.’ ... So when it was obvious that this new research only confirmed what the Bible had said ages ago, I decided to give the ‘Genesis 1:29 Diet a try. The results were truly amazing! My weight gradually dropped from 160 to 135 – and although I am 75 years old, I can now run and jump like a young person, and my barber noticed that new hair was growing where I had been bald for over 20 years. Previous echo-cardiograms showed a leak in one of my heart valves but after a year on the Genesis 1:29 diet doctors say there is no sign of it. I am completely convinced – based on the Genesis 1:29 diet given by God – when rigorously followed, could change your life as it has changed mine. ... The Genesis Diet is therefore a project that could change your life forever and perhaps make your body a fit vessel for the ‘Temple of the Holy Spirit.’ Christians would stand out because they would be so different. Their vibrant good health would be a daily witness – they would rarely fall ill – especially if they also kept fit with exercise and enough sleep. Is this only a dream or can this become a reality?

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