Hallelujah Weekend A Tremendous Success

Hallelujah Weekend A Tremendous Success

People from as far away as California and the Philippines joined for us for a Hallelujah Weekend! And you're invited to the next one, November 4 and 5.
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On the first weekend of each month here at Hallelujah Acres we offer folks many opportunities to learn how to improve their health by lecture and demonstration. In these lectures we teach folks how to restore their health through simple diet and lifestyle changes. By all accounts, this past weekend was a “tremendous success." The weekend began with Rhonda’s Friday night Culinary Class, which drew a crowd of 59 people from across America and three from the Philippines. This weekend's class size was just one person short of the record high of 60. Then Saturday morning we once again filled our auditorium with folks coming from 14 different states and one foreign country. They were here from as far away as California, Texas, Kansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, along with all those states that border North Carolina. The three from the Philippines also were in the Saturday morning seminar and expressed interest in taking The Hallelujah Diet back to the Philippines. We already have trained a medical doctor in the Philippines as a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister, so I am sure she will welcome this pastor and his family to assist her. As always, the testimonies during the Saturday seminar were astonishing! Several dozen people shared that after adopting The Hallelujah Diet they saw a multitude of physical problems disappear! These included cancers, diabetes, arthritis, lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, and weight losses. Two told of weight losses of over 100 pounds after making the diet change. Following the seminar, nearly everyone stayed for the Hallelujah buffet lunch during the Q&A session. There were so many questions that Rhonda and Rev. George continued to answer them for more than an hour after the seminar ended. Following the seminar, nearly 50 seminar attendees stayed for the three hour “Where Do I Go from Here?” workshop where people learn how to do The Hallelujah Diet at home. Our next Hallelujah Weekend November 4th and 5th. Make plans now! It could change your life.

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