Hallelujah Diet Proclaimed In Asia

Hallelujah Diet Proclaimed In Asia

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Below is an email received from Health Minister and Missionary Dave Lam in Hong Kong, China:
We have just finished our Agape Holistic Healing Conference in Hong Kong with almost 500 attendees. The response to the message was tremendous. Many of the attendees came from different parts of China so that will open up many new doors to God’s health message. Right after that, we came to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Friday for another 3-day conference, followed by Penang next Monday-Wed. Again they really embraced the message when I shared The Hallelujah Diet yesterday. We have already sold over 200 of Rev. Malkmus’ books and many sets of DVDs (Miraculous Self Healing Body + Testimonial Series). Rev. Malkmus’ “Why Christians Get Sick” book in the Chinese language will be distributed by Elim Book Publishing in Taiwan, Hong Kong, SE Asia, Europe and North America. We expect it will draw many Chinese people to us, especially those with chronic diseases. And it will be strengthened further when we finish translating Rev. Malkmus’ “The Hallelujah Diet” book into Chinese in September. I will mail 10 complementary copies of the new book to you. I am sure you will be thrilled to see it. God bless. Blessings, Dave
Rhonda and I started Hallelujah Acres in a little 11-foot-wide store front on Main Street in the little town of Rogersville, Tennessee on February 12, 1992. We never dreamed that the biblical health message we were beginning to proclaim then would be proclaimed around the world mroe than 20 years later! To God be all the glory! Below is a picture of the almost 500 Chinese people who attended Hallelujah Acres first Health Seminar in Hong Kong: Agape Holistic Healing Conference, Hong Kong Hallelujah Acres now has a presence through its trained Health Ministers in 78 foreign countries in addition to every state in the United States. We have also had a presence in Canada for more than 10 years, and now in Nigeria and in Hong Kong. The dream I had over 20 years ago “that some day in some way the whole world might know that they don’t have to be sick” (which I didn’t then know by what means it could possibly happen) is actually happening and in my life time! Hallelujah!

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