2010 Hallelujah Acres Women’s Retreat

2010 Hallelujah Acres Women’s Retreat

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Hallelujah Acres held its first Women’s Retreat in 1999, and it was a wonderful success! Over 300 women from across America gathered here for what was the biggest event we had ever hosted up to that time. This year’s retreat promises to be an informative, encouraging time of fellowship. Impressive Array of Speakers Victoria Boutenko is a Certified Living Foods Practitioner, Iridologist, and Hallelujah Acres trained Health Minister. She was once morbidly obese, severely depressed, and toying with suicide. This all changed however when she adopted a living plant-sourced diet. She lost 120 pounds and her depression problem disappeared. Today she lectures around the world on the benefits of a living-foods, 100% plant-based diet. Dr. Stephan Esser is a medical doctor and a passionate proponent for lifestyle medicine. He is pursuing advanced training at Harvard University, while engaged in writing, speaking and clinical care. He is a traditional hygienist with allopathic training who believes that vitality is based more on choice than chance. Dr. Esser is the grandson of Dr. William Esser (deceased), who was a strong promoter of Hallelujah Acres, and ran the Esser Ranch in Lake Worth, Fla. for many years. Tiffany Esser (Wife of Stephan Esser) is a personal trainer in Boston, Mass. She draws from a past of classical dance and endurance sports to create unique programs for individuals and groups. She is also a sought after fitness speaker. Jackie Pegram presents the Gospel through Bible character impersonations. She has performed for audiences around the world. This year she will present The Women at the Well in full costume in a way you will never forget. Her presentations are so compelling you will think that you are right there in biblical times living the experience. Dr. Michael Donaldson, PhD, graduate of Cornell University,has been Research Director here at Hallelujah Acres for over 12 years. The wealth of information he shares in the area of restoring and maintaining family health is priceless. He and his wife currently have 10 children with twins on the way. He will be speaking on children and the Hallelujah Diet. Olin Idol, ND, CNC, is Vice President of Health at Hallelujah Acres and has been Rev. Malkmus’ personal assistant for over 15 years. He is known to us as the “Answer Man.” His wealth of knowledge and conversational style always leaves the audience wanting him to share more. Rhonda Malkmus is the wife of Rev. George Malkmus and co-founder of Hallelujah Acres. She is the author of Recipes for Life from God’s Garden, Salad Dressings for Life, and Hallelujah Recipes from God’s Garden. Rhonda also conducts a monthly Culinary Class at Hallelujah Acres and coordinates the Annual Women’s Retreat. Rev. George Malkmus, LitD, is the author of five books and the founder of Hallelujah Acres. He has helped restore health and save the lives of thousands through his simple biblically-founded message, “God’s Way to Ultimate Health,” which he continues to deliver across America at nearly 77 years of age. Beverly Coad is the wife of Rev. Graeme Coad who was Chaplain for Pat Roberson’s 700 Club for 12 years. Beverly, who will host the Women’s Retreat, has been Deputy U.S. Coordinator of Lydia Fellowship International for many years. Inspirational Gospel Music Bud and Barbara Lee were such a blessing at our last Women’s Retreat that they have been asked to return by popular request. Bud is an ordained minister and a baritone soloist, while Barbara is a pianist and former music instructor at the University of Missouri at Kansas City Conservatory of Music. Together, their soul-stirring musical expressions present an unforgettable worship experience. Listen online for a sample. Delicious, Healthy Food In addition to all the motivational speakers, stirring gospel music, question and answer sessions, encouraging fellowship with other women who not only love the Lord but also want healthy families, Friday will be topped off by lip-smacking healthy food to tantalize and satisfy your taste buds.

Register before October 1st and get $50 off the price of admission. You can register online or by calling 800-915-9355.

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