Where Does Hallelujah Acres Stand on Vaccinations?

Where Does Hallelujah Acres Stand on Vaccinations?

Rev. Malkmus answers questions from readers about vaccinating children and traveling overseas.
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We received the following letters containing questions this past week regarding vaccinations.
“I want to know your opinion on vaccinations in babies and which vaccinations should be given? “My husband and I have been praying about what we should do. We lost our daughter two years ago to what the doctors said was a genetic condition and we just wanted to do everything in our power to make the best decisions for our new son. We want our decision to be based on what God leads us to do and not on what the doctors want us to do. “Last thing… I was on the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle when I conceived our son and he is free of the genetic condition that took the life of our daughter. I am not sure it was all the Hallelujah Diet that made the difference, but I believe God allowed me to learn about Hallelujah Acres before my son was conceived so that I could have the best chance of making healthy choices so that I could have a healthy son. “Rev. Malkmus, I just thought this testimony would bring a smile to your face.” Amy H.
Amy, first, I’m deeply sorry for the loss of your first child. I can't imagine how devastating it must be. I know that God has been with you to lift you through it. There is no other way people can get through times like this. Your effort to make the best possible health choices for your new baby is an inspiration to me. We are not in favor of giving vaccinations to babies, children, or anyone else. We believe the potential negative side-effects far outweigh any possible claimed benefits. The National Vaccine Information Center is a good resource for more information on this subject. www.nvic.org I would also recommend you get a copy of the book Pregnancy, Children and the Hallelujah Diet, written by Olin Idol, ND, CNC. It is extremely informative and answers many questions that parents ask about their babies and children. Thank you for sharing your questions and experience after adopting the Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle.
“My family and I are traveling to Ecuador in the fall and we are uncertain about whether or not we should get the immunizations that are recommended by the CDC, which include Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Typhoid. “We will be staying with friends in Quito and expect to eat our meals in their home or in quality restaurants – we will not be trekking through the jungle. “I would appreciate any advice you or your staff may be able to provide with regard to this. If you do not recommend these vaccinations, what do you recommend to lower our risks? “Thank you!” Kathy M.
Hi Kathy. We cannot tell anyone what they should or should not do regarding this matter. I can only share what I would do for myself. For me personally, there is enough risk associated with vaccinations that I would not subject myself to them. If recommended I would refuse them. If required I would not make the trip. If traveling to areas with potential risk, I would begin about two to three weeks prior to my trip and throughout the trip and for a couple weeks after my return doing the following.
  1. Use Silver Biotics at the rate of 1 teaspoon twice daily as a preventative.
  2. Take our Professional Strength Probiotics one capsule twice daily to build up my friendly bacteria in the colon to support my immune system.
  3. When drinking water, I would apply 4 drops of Silver Biotics in 8-ounces of water, let stand 2-minutes prior to drinking.
  4. I would also avoid all raw foods during the trip and take a teaspoon of BarleyMax at least three times daily.
The purpose of the supplements is to increase the immune system to withstand airplane rides, different foods, airborne viruses, etc. Also, please note that this is one of the rare times I will recommend not eating raw vegetables. This recommendation is due to the greater risk of food-borne diseases such as Salmonella in high-risk areas. Enjoy your trip!

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