Hallelujah Acres Nigeria — Update!

Hallelujah Acres Nigeria — Update!

Several years ago, there were 35 Nigerians who had registered for Health Minister Training at Hallelujah Acres headquarters in North Carolina, and only one of them was able to get a visa to attend. With so much interest in the Hallelujah Diet in Nigeria, how could we reach and train more people and help the people of Nigeria improve their health? Here at Hallelujah Acres we came up with two solutions – Provide Health Minister Training on-line, which we did, which has given thousands around the world access to our training, and establish Hallelujah Acres in Nigeria. Both came to fruition in 2012. In the fall of 2012, Paul Malkmus, President of Hallelujah Acres, along with his wife Ann, Chief of Education for Hallelujah Acres, spent several months establishing Hallelujah Acres Nigeria. On that 2012 visit to Nigeria last year, they not only established Hallelujah Acres Nigeria, but held Health Minister Training for hundreds of new Health Ministers, along with the opening of three stores in the largest cities of Nigeria that sell Hallelujah Acres products, and where people could come for support and learning. This year, for the past two weeks, Paul and Ann have been back in Nigeria. Here are some of their activities of their first week:
  • The first Sunday they were there, they had opportunity to promote the coming week’s activities at the conclusion of a church service. There were about 500 in attendance. It was their Thanksgiving service and the celebration of the first anniversary of Hallelujah Acres Nigeria.
  • Monday they conducted three radio interviews on Love FM, broadcasting out of Abuja. One of the programs had a listening audience of four million.
  • On Tuesday, Paul and Ann took part in the National Health Conference with 200 in attendance. Tuesday evening, 40 Health Ministers attended a Health Ministers Reunion dinner with Paul and Ann. They said it was great to hear of the Health Ministers’ passion for sharing the health message with the people.
  • Wednesday thru Saturday there were 40 new Health Ministers going through Health Minister Training. Before this training, there were over 300 who had previously completed Health Minister Training in Nigeria including 32 medical doctors, 5 pharmacists, 15 professors, and 9 bishops!
In addition to the Hallelujah Acres Nigeria, we have Hallelujah Acres Canada which was established in 1998. In addition, Hallelujah Acres China will soon have its website and announce its opening. All this in fulfillment of a vision Rev. Malkmus had almost 30 years ago “That someday in some way, all the nations might know that they Don’t have to be sick!” Today, testimonies are coming in from thousands around the world who have recovered from their physical and psychological problems by simply changing what they are currently eating to the Hallelujah Diet. Hallelujah!

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