Hallelujah Acres Celebrates Its 23rd Birthday

Hallelujah Acres Celebrates Its 23rd Birthday

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On February 12, 2015, the very same day I celebrate my 81st birthday, Hallelujah Acres will celebrate its 23rd birthday. Here is a brief review of the past 23 years... Prior to its official founding in 1992, Hallelujah Acres really had its beginning in 1976, when I was 42 years old and pastor of The Greater Glens Falls Bible Baptist Church in Hudson Falls, New York, a church I had established in 1970, with just my family of six and an advertisement in the local paper that we were starting a new church - a Bible believing church. By 1976 this church had a membership of over 600, a Christian School with over 100 students in grades K-12, a Bible Institute program, a weekly radio broadcast titled “America Needs Christ” on several radio stations, and over a dozen young people in school preparing for the ministry. God’s blessing was surely on that ministry! In January 1976, amidst all that blessing, I started experiencing rectal bleeding and a baseball sized tumor was discovered underneath my left rib cage. Then came the devastating news – “Colon Cancer.” But read on to learn how God turned this apparent devastating news, into a blessing! Just prior to those devastating words, I had lost my mother (a registered nurse) to colon cancer after she had gone the medical route and accepted the traditional cancer treatments. At the time of mother’s death I was convinced she died not from the cancer itself, but rather from the treatments she received from the medical doctors. Because of mother’s bad experience going the medical route with her colon cancer, I refused the traditional medical treatments of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery mother had accepted and went searching for an alternative way of dealing with my colon cancer. In my search for an alternative, I reached out to an evangelist friend in Texas by the name of Lester Roloff for advice. At the time, many in the Christian community considered Brother Roloff a “health nut.” Why? Because he for years had been trying to get preachers to change their diets and for this he was severely critical by his preacher friends. But that criticism didn’t stop me from listening to and heeding Brother Roloff’s advice when he discouraged me from going the medical route and rather encouraged me to stop eating the world’s meat based, sugar laden, Standard American (SAD) Diet, which Brother Roloff said was the cause of my cancer. In place of the world’s SAD diet, Brother Roloff encouraged me to eat only the foods God told Adam and Eve to eat in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 1:29, along with lots of freshly extracted vegetable juices. Overnight I adopted God’s Genesis 1:29 diet, and it wasn’t long before my rectal bleeding had stopped.
“AND GOD SAID, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing (VEGETABLE) seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the FRUIT of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for FOOD.” ~ Genesis 1:29
Within one year of making that diet change, my tumor as well as all symptoms of cancer were gone, and without any medical intervention whatsoever. Not only did my cancer go away, but also all the other physical problems I was experiencing prior to making the diet change — all within that first year. That experience caused me as a pastor and a student of the Bible, to search the Scriptures to see if I could find more counsel from God pertaining to diet, health, nutrition, lifestyle, etc., information that could possibly shed some additional light on what appeared to be an almost miraculous recovery from colon cancer. That Biblical search led me to numerous verses in addition to the Genesis 1:29 verse Brother Roloff had turned me on to. Verses like 3 John 1:2 for instance, where the Bible says:
“Beloved, I wish above all things that though mayest prosper and BE IN HEALTH, even as thy soul prospereth.”
In 1988, my miraculous cancer recovery, along with the numerous Bible verses I had found, inspired the writing of my first book Why Christians Get Sick. This book was originally self-published and then picked up by Destiny Image, a Christian Publisher. Over a million copies of this book are now in print and the book has been translated into several languages – most recently into the Chinese language. The book contains over 100 of those Scripture verses I had previously found that related to diet, health, nutrition, lifestyle, etc. This book still produces more positive feedback than any of the five books I have since written. In 1991, before Hallelujah Acres had its official beginning in 1992, I held a seminar in Rogersville, Tennessee, attended by only a few people. A young lady named Rhonda was in attendance. Her car had been hit by a freight train in 1981, and as a result, arthritis had settled into almost every joint in her body and she could hardly move. Rhonda adopted the Hallelujah Diet (she says "to prove it could not help" her arthritic condition doctors had been unable to help in the previous ten years). Within a year of making the diet change her arthritis was gone and she had lost 85 pounds. I love to tell folks that “After I rebuilt her body, I married her!” On February 12, 1992, because of all that was being learned and personally experienced, and two months before Rhonda and I were married on April 11th, Rhonda and I established Hallelujah Acres as a Christian ministry! It was established for the purpose of teaching health from a Biblical perspective, and it was our humble effort to help restore health to a very sick Christian community, a community that was just as sick as the non-Christian community in spite of the abundant prayers for healing being offered in our churches. The ministry began in a tiny 11-foot-wide, 16-seat vegetarian restaurant and health food store on Main Street in the little town of Rogersville, Tennessee – population less than 5,000. Few people frequented our restaurant in those early days, that is until I started offering a free “How to Eliminate Sickness” seminar on Saturday mornings. As people started listening and applying what was being taught in those seminars, testimonies of miraculous healings started to be shared by those who had applied our teachings and been healed of a myriad of physical problems – from cancers to diabetes to incredible reports of weight loss, vision restoration, etc. One early testimony from a man, after only six months on what we called the Hallelujah Diet, reported a 60-pound weight loss as well as the disappearance of 28 different physical problems. But that was just the beginning. Since then, tens-of-thousands of others have written to share with me that after adopting the Hallelujah Diet they have recovered from over 170 different physical problems, including even terminal, metastasized cancers without any help from doctor’s or drugs and after making this simple diet change. These testimonies started to make the rounds in many churches and it wasn’t long before pastors from across the country were asking me to hold seminars in their churches. In the mid-1990s, Pat Robertson asked me to appear on the 700 Club telecast. That 9-minute interview generated more response than anything the 700 Club had ever previously experienced. Since then, appearances on Trinity Broadcasting, the Jim Bakker Show, ABC Nightline, NBC, CBS, along with numerous appearances on FOX News and The Food Network, have introduced the Hallelujah Diet to millions. In 1993, Hallelujah Acres began publishing a free paper publication that reached a readership of over a half-million before ceasing its publication in 2012. In 1997 we established a wonderful website which contains hundreds of pages of nutritional information from a Biblical perspective. In addition, since 1998, I have personally written a FREE electronic Hallelujah Health Tip, currently being mailed weekly to thousands of homes around the world. You are reading consecutive issue #900. Today, Hallelujah Acres International Headquarters is housed in a beautiful building in Gastonia, North Carolina. (Gastonia is a bedroom community to Charlotte). With a current staff of nearly 30 people, our Biblical health message is still bringing hope and healing to millions around the world after 23 years of ministry, and we have trained over 12,000 Health Ministers to help us take this Health Message to the world — including 65 medical doctors, 75 chiropractors, 300 plus registered nurses and over 900 pastors. These Hallelujah Acres trained Health Ministers are currently located in every state in the United States as well as in 65 foreign countries. Our call center fields up to 500 incoming calls a day and our shipping department mails sometimes over 500 parcels a day, not only to addresses in America, but to over 139 foreign countries. The profits derived from the sale of these products are how we support the ministry. Every time someone purchases something from Hallelujah Acres they are helping us reach ever more people with God’s health message: YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE SICK! In 1998 we established “Hallelujah Acres Canada” and currently have a lovely store and shipping center located in Toronto, and have hundreds of trained Health Ministers scattered across all of the Canadian provinces. Hallelujah Acres Canada was started by Bev and Dorothy Shouldice, who in 1979 came to where I was lecturing at the Shangri-La Health Resort in Bonita Springs, Florida. Bev had terminal cancer and the doctors in Canada offered him no hope of recovery. I was teaching a plant-based diet along with lots of carrot juice at the time and he applied the diet and overcame his cancer. We had no communication for about 10 years, but one day I received a letter from Bev saying that they would like to begin a Hallelujah Acres in Canada. This request resulted in the founding of Hallelujah Acres Canada in 1998. Bev died a few years ago at 95 years of age and this Christmas we received a beautiful letter from Dorothy who is now 96 years young – after being on the Hallelujah Diet for almost 40 years! In 2003 we opened our first Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center in Lake Lure, North Carolina. These lifestyle centers are in the homes of trained Health Ministers who take people into their homes for a week or two and share with them: You Don’t Have to be Sick! In these beautiful Lifestyle Centers people learn about the diet and receive hands-on instructions into the how-to of our program as well as helping prepare and then taste the delicious foods of the Hallelujah Diet. These Lifestyle Centers are incredibly popular and so helpful in introducing people to the ease with which they can make the Hallelujah Diet a part of their everyday life. In 2012 we established “Hallelujah Acres Nigeria” and currently have stores in three of Nigeria’s largest cities and over 500 Nigerians have completed our Health Minister Training. Hallelujah Acres Hong Kong, which will also minister to mainland China, Taiwan and Malaysia, is scheduled to open soon. Already my book “Why Christians Get Sick” has been translated into Chinese and many other writings are in the process of being translated. What does the future hold for Hallelujah Acres? Only God knows! But it is thrilling to see how far Hallelujah Acres has already come since God first gave me the vision way back in 1988 – 27-years ago. I shared that vision in the last chapter of my first book “Why Christians Get Sick”:
“My goal is to make Hallelujah Acres into a modern Garden of Eden, from which God’s natural ways of health and healing will flow to Christians around the world. I envision Hallelujah Acres as being a place where Christians can come to seminars where they will learn how to grow, prepare, and serve foods as God intended. Nutrition and proper care of the body will be taught and then these Christians can go back to their respective areas of influence to share this knowledge with others. I personally believe that the American people, and especially Christians, are thoroughly disenchanted with the present means available for dealing with sickness, and are just waiting for someone to show them a better way. I want to and am willing and ready to do all I can to make this happen. Will you help me? The job is staggering, but the potential rewards can be fabulously exciting. “As for the future, I envision Christian churches worldwide as being places were prayer requests for sickness are a thing of the past, and God’s people exude the wellness God designed for His human creation. If Jesus tarries and with your help, I believe this is an attainable goal. Dear reader, will you join us as we continue our efforts to reach ever more fellow Christians, and anyone else who will listen, with the Biblical Health Message God has entrusted us with? With stronger and healthier bodies, we will be better equipped to fulfill that Great Commission Jesus entrusted us with – Which is: “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15)”
Will you join us here at Hallelujah Acres and help us take God’s health message to multitudes of Christians around the world who are sick and dying needlessly, as well as to anyone else who will listen? Next week, the good Lord willing and if the creeks don’t rise too high we will return with another exciting issue of the Hallelujah Health Tip. Trust you will join us and that you will share these Health Tips with friends and loved ones.

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