H1N1 Scare Campaign Returns

H1N1 Scare Campaign Returns

Here we go again! Despite that last year's H1N1 scare was all for naught, vaccines are being advocated once more as flu season ramps up.
For years, Dr. Russell L. Blaylock's “Blaylock Wellness Report” has been warning us about the potential dangers of receiving flu shots. Several years ago he reported that senior citizens who received an annual flu shot for five consecutive years increased their risk of getting Alzheimer’s by 1,000 percent. In the October 2010 edition, Dr. Blaylock discusses last year’s H1N1 vaccine flu “pandemic” scare. He claims it was “totally concocted” yet once again the scare is rearing its ugly head.
“One of the most comprehensive studies of flu vaccine effectiveness concluded that there was no credible evidence of effectiveness for the H1N1 vaccine. Well-executed studies of the elderly receiving flu vaccines — one of the main targets of media scare campaigns — found that there was no reduction in hospitalizations, pneumonia deaths, or other major flu complications.”
About a month ago I shared a letter I had received from a nurse here in North Carolina. At the hospital where she works, all employees were threatened with job loss if they did not receive the H1N1 vaccination. Friends, this is serious! The Bible tells us that the “life of the flesh is in the blood” (Leviticus 17:11). Vaccines contain toxic substances that harm the body, including severe damage to the brain. Can you imagine injecting formaldehyde, detergents, chicken eggs, mercury, toxic aluminum, and even live monkey virus into your or your child's bloodstream? Last winter this editor warned readers that the H1N1 pandemic was a hoax. Allowing yourself or a family member to be vaccinated has potential for great physical harm. This dangerous vaccine has now been banned in Australia. In Finland, health authorities have recently suspended administration of the H1N1 flu vaccine because six children developed narcolepsy after receiving it. Dr. Blaylock's report echoes this warning.
“The fact that we are seeing a dramatic increase in seizures, and even permanent changes in the brains of children, supports some of the papers I have published in medical journals. In these papers, I explain in detail how the vaccines are causing brain injury and even rewiring of the brain.”
For more information, read Dr. Blaylock's "Swine Flu Data" for yourself.

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