Great Seminar In Jacksonville, Florida!

Great Seminar In Jacksonville, Florida!

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meet-georgeI’m used to traveling long distances to our seminars each month, but last Saturday was quite different – the seminar was only a little over 30 minutes from home, in the Embassy Suites Ballroom in Jacksonville, Florida. We left our house in St. Augustine a little after 8:00 a.m. and arrived at the hotel about a quarter of 9:00 a.m. When we arrived, Health Minister Virginia Kelley was already setting up the product table so that people coming to the seminar would be able to purchase Hallelujah Acres products. Rhonda and I greeted people, autographed books, had our pictures taken, and answered questions as the people arrived. The people were there from all over northern Florida, southern Georgia and from as far away as Tennessee. Many of the people had travelled over 4 hours to be there at the seminar. The seminar began sharply at 10:00 a.m. with me running down the aisle (as I always have done and still do at age 80) and launching into the seminar. The first thing I do in each seminar is ask those in attendance and on the Hallelujah Diet what improvements they have experienced since making the diet change. This is always the highlight of the seminar as far as I am concerned and I was not disappointed: One lady shared how that in just the 2 months since beginning the Hallelujah Diet, her cancer markers were showing that the cancer was almost gone. Wow! Others, probably several dozen others, reported all kinds of physical problems that had disappeared after adopting the Hallelujah Diet including multiple sclerosis disappearing, diabetes gone, and weight losses of 40 and over 50 pounds. One pregnant woman told how the diet had saved her from losing her baby. For the next two hours I shared with those present the diet responsible for all of those wonderful improvements in health that had just been shared. At the end of the seminar, as we always do, we have drawing for a number of our books – including Rhonda’s newest book “Culinary Creations by Rhonda” and my newly released book,”God’s Original Diet”. At the conclusion of the seminar, after about an hour of answering questions, signing books and the taking of many pictures, we got into our car for return trip to our home in St. Augustine. It was so nice to get home in mid-afternoon instead of late evening as is the case when we give a seminar in a distant location. Sunday morning I preached in the morning service of Turning Point Community Church in East Palatka, Florida. When we arrived at 9:45 we went to our respective Sunday School classes. When Rhonda entered the women’s class, she said two women were drinking carrot juice. She learned that the older woman had cancer and was on the Hallelujah Diet for her cancer. She said that she was recovering and had seen her cancer go into remission. People often wonder if the Hallelujah Diet will keep a person well and energized into their senior years? For me at least, the diet has been a tremendous blessing, especially when I look at the poor physical condition of others my age and even younger – that is of those who are still alive and in their 80’s. I have been on the Hallelujah Diet now for over 38 years. The next first Saturday of the Month, “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” seminar will be in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 6. The location of this seminar – Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel, 3315 Scott Futrell Drive, in Charlotte, North Carolina. The seminar starts at 10:00 a.m. and there is no charge for the seminar. Click here to register!

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