Great Seminar in Jacksonville!

Great Seminar in Jacksonville!

For past seminars I have usually had to travel great distances, sleep in motels in a strange bed, and not have access to the Hallelujah Diet foods that I have so readily available at home, but this seminar in Jacksonville this past Saturday was different. Why was this seminar so different? Because this God’s Way to Ultimate Health seminar was held at the Embassy Suites in Jacksonville, Florida which is only about a half-hour from our home in St. Augustine! It was so special to be able to sleep in our own bed Friday night, not have to get up until 6:15 Saturday morning, be able at home to have our BarleyMax and Green Smoothie before getting into the car and driving only about a half-hour to the seminar location. What a treat! And this first seminar in the New Year 2014 was a great one and was attended by people coming from all over Florida and Georgia with people attending who had come in from as far away as New York State, and the seminar began with folks sharing the improvements they had experienced in their health since adopting the Hallelujah Diet. This is always the high point of the seminar. There were several testimonies of cancers gone – including one very exciting testimony of a gentleman who was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer eight months ago and the doctor can no longer find any sign of cancer after only eight months since he changed his diet. His doctor is going to write his case up in a medical journal! It is always so exciting to be able to share with the people gathered how they too can improve their health by doing something as simple as change what they eat. My next seminar is scheduled for Saturday, February 1 at the Hilton Orlando-Altamonte Springs Hotel. This seminar is less than two weeks from my 80th birthday, which I will be celebrating on February 12. Come celebrate with me at this event on February 1 and I'll be happy to show you how I've managed to maintain my "energizer bunny" nickname after being on the Hallelujah Diet for almost 40 years — during which time I eliminated colon cancer at age 42, eliminated the effects of a hemorrhagic stroke at age 68, and I'm still going strong! Click here for more information on the Orlando, Florida seminar or call 800-915-9355.

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