Great Seminar in Easley, South Carolina

Great Seminar in Easley, South Carolina

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This past Friday, Rhonda and I journeyed from our home in St. Augustine, Florida to Easley, South Carolina for my First Saturday of the Month, “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” seminar for the month of June. This seminar was held in the sanctuary of the Rock Springs Baptist Church Sanctuary. We arrived at the church before 9:00 a.m. for a seminar that didn’t begin until 10:00 a.m. — many people were already there! I was thrilled when the pastor of the church, Dr. David Gallamore, opened the seminar with prayer. People were there from North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia, and the total attendance was nearly 300. As always, at the beginning of the seminar, I ask those attending if they are on The Hallelujah Diet. There were maybe 30 who said they were. Then I asked how many were not on the diet to raise their hands and it appeared that almost everyone in the sanctuary was not on the diet. Next, I took the microphone around to those who were on The Hallelujah Diet and the testimonies began – cancer gone, diabetes gone, arthritis gone, allergies gone, eyesight improved, many had lost weight, some had experienced significant weight loss and most reported increased energy. One of the highlights of the seminar was the presence of an 86-year-old medical doctor who is on The Hallelujah Diet who not only spoke highly of The Hallelujah Diet, but told how he had used diet rather than drugs in his medical practice to bring healing to his patients. After the seminar Saturday afternoon, Rhonda and I made the 7-hour journey home to St. Augustine, Florida so that we wouldn’t miss services in our own church on Sunday! That in itself is a testament to The Hallelujah Diet! To be able to drive 7 hours, preach a 3-hour seminar the next day and then drive back again (and not be tired) at almost age 80 years of age, I am convinced, would not be possible if I was not on The Hallelujah Diet along with a daily exercise routine. My next First Saturday of the month, God’s Way to Ultimate Health seminar will be in Charlotte, North Carolina on July 6th. Click here for more information!

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