Great Seminar At Hallelujah Acres Headquarters

Great Seminar At Hallelujah Acres Headquarters

This month's Saturday seminar included many pleasant surprises and next month's event promises to be a blockbuster, star-spangled weekend! Read all about it!
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This past Saturday, I delivered my God’s Way to Ultimate Health seminar at the International Headquarters of Hallelujah Acres here in Shelby, North Carolina. Those that nearly filled our auditorium were here from as far away as Arizona, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Alabama, Georgia and Florida as well as those states bordering North Carolina – Virginia, Tennessee, and South Carolina. As I stood at the entrance welcoming visitors before the seminar began, a huge tour bus from a church in South Carolina brought more than 40 people including the pastor of the church. We had eight pastors in the seminar, three medical doctors, and at least six registered nurses. The testimonies shared by those attending before the seminar began were riveting, as always! Folks shared of cancers gone, diabetes gone, arthritis gone, along with numerous other improvements as a result of adopting The Hallelujah Diet. Spectacular weight losses were also shared – one of more than 100 pounds. Our next God’s Way to Ultimate Health seminar here at Hallelujah Acres is scheduled for July 2. This is the Saturday of the Fourth of July long weekend. If you live a long distance from Shelby, take this extended opportunity to come see us and enjoy hearing first-hand God's ultimate plan for your health!

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